This week, we’ve been munching our way through gluten-free treats and cooking up a storm in the kitchen with coconut flour all for your delectation. Get creative with your shopping basket this week, here’s 10 foodie treats you need to buy. Let’s all have a matcha latte and chill:

1. For Matcha On-The-Go: teapigs 

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What: Fad diets, undignified downward dogs and agonising planks: every January, we all at least try and go there in an attempt to get our health back on track. If you’re in search of something to help you on your new found health kick, teapigs are here.

The Lowdown: New to the range is Matcha on-the-go, handy 1g sachets of 100% pure organic matcha to give you an energy boost when you’re on the move. The matcha can be enjoyed as a shot with fresh apple juice, whisked up in a frothy soya latte, or straight up with hot water.

Where: Ocado, Planet Organic and the teapigs online shop

2. For Baking: The Groovy Food Company


What: Award-winning British brand The Groovy Food Company has launched a new Organic Coconut Flour. Gluten-free and high in fibre and protein, but with a low GI level and naturally low carbohydrate content, this nutrient dense ‘power flour’ is a kitchen essential for 2016.

The Lowdown: Packed with goodness, this latest innovation from the brand uses handpicked coconuts from organic plantations in South East Asia. The raw coconut is simply dried, then ground into a fine, white flour that is unrefined and natural and is great addition to puddings and dishes.

Where: Tesco

3. For Gluten-Free Snacks: Udi’s

Milk Choc & Caramel Clusters-2

What: Udi’s started with a simple desire to change the way people think about eating gluten-free. They wanted to make the best tasting gluten-free food so everyone could enjoy all the foods without feeling left out. They’ve just created brand new treats ideal for any time of the day.

The Lowdown: The bags come in two flavours; milk chocolate and raisin and milk chocolate and caramel. These clusters of heaven are perfect for sharing with friends and family, no matter the dietary requirement.

Where: Asda

4. For a New Product: Coconut Collaborative


What: The Coconut Collaborative are all about spreading the coco-love far and wide. Their range features coconut yogurts in different flavours (the coconut and almond is a must try), as well as coconut ice cream.

The Lowdown: The Coconut Collaborative are launching a brand new range of desserts this week.  Thanks to the powers of the coconut, not only do they have the health benefits of the milk they are made with, but they’re also  pretty good for you. The mini pots of chocolate ganache are tasty, delicious and contain no nasties.

Where: Supermarkets nationwide

5. For a Healthy Snack: Snack Garden 

freeze dried fruit mix


What: Establish last year in Budapest, Snack Garden have caused a stir in Eastern Europe with their freeze-dried tropical fruit snacks. Last month they branched out and now they’re starting to sell their products in the UK.

The Lowdown: There are currently two snacks available – a vacuum-fried vegetable mix and a freeze-dried fruit mix. Both are 100% natural, containing no additives, preservatives, added sugar or anything artificial.

Where: Order online 

6. For Flapjack: Thomas J Fudge’s 


What: Established in 1916, Thomas J Fudge’s are the kings of the biscuit and the tea time snacking world. They create savoury bites and sweet treats, and their new milk chocolate flapjacks will have you popping on the kettle in no time.

The Lowdown: Generously proportioned flapjack squares dipped in milk chocolate for extra ‘mmmm’. Grab as an instantly satiating snack, gobble as a sumptuous energy boost, or munch on a Monday to brighten your mood. Their white chocolate flapjacks are seriously, seriously good.

Where: Order online 

7. For a New Nut Butter: Wyldsson 


What: Wyldsson are all about one thing: creating good, honest food without the additives and processed rubbish. They knock up amazing healthy snacks, porridge toppings and their new nut butters which are out of this world.

The Lowdown: Their nut and seed butter contains no butter. In fact, there’s nothing in it but nuts and seeds. It’s dairy-free, transfat-free, gluten-free, salt-free and sweetener free. The mixture is a blend of the finest Californian almonds, hazelnuts and cashews with 5 types of seeds (chia, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and organic milled flaxseed). Dreamy.

Where: Order online 

8. For a Super Powder: Aduna 


What: Aduna is a social business on a mission to create demand for under-utilised and exceptional natural ingredients from small-scale producers in rural Africa. After two years in the making, their brand new product the Aduna Super-Cacao is dropping in stores next week.

The Lowdown: The Super-Cacao is the first cacao powder with an EU-approved health claim. It contains 8x the flavanol content of regular cacao, helping maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and contributing to normal blood flow. Cacao flavanols contribute to: cardiovascular health, elasticity of arteries and blood circulation. Super-Cacao is also jam-packed with antioxidants giving you healthy, glowing skin.

Where: Holland & Barrett and Whole Foods

9. For a New Gin: Warner Edwards 


What: Warner Edwards range of honestly crafted, award winning gins are created with no corner-cutting or compromises. The finest home grown and British ingredients, 11 botanicals and superior grain spirit are distilled for seven hours using a traditional ‘one shot’ method. The result: uniquely smooth, double gold award winning gins like no other.

The Lowdown: The Warner Edwards range includes Dry Gin, Sloe Gin, Rhubarb gin and the mighty Elderflower Gin. Warner Edwards Harrington Elderflower Gin is made with fresh elderflower harvested from the Warner Edwards farms in both Harrington and Wales. The spirit has balanced bright gin notes with complex elderflower.

Where: Marks & Spencers

10. For a New Pudding: Naughty but Rice


What: Rice pudding is back and its all down to the new pud on the block; Naughty but Rice. The chaps at Naughty but Rice reckoned the rice pudding world was in need of a stir. So they took it upon themselves to zhoosh things up with a glorious range of fabulous flavours.

The Lowdown: Full of high quality ingredients the puds are available in three tasty flavours; exotic Coconut & Raspberry, irresistible Chocolate Orange and saucy Salted Caramel. These mouth-watering puds are just as delicious hot or cold; either gently warmed in the microwave or eaten straight out the fridge.

Where: Supermarkets nationwide