It’s Tasty Tuesdays again (we’re sorry, we know it’s late, we got distracted by Wimbledon) and we’ve got some treats in store. This week we’re doing a vegan edition and from energy ball recipe kits to mini cupcakes, we’ve discovered 10 mouth-watering foodie products you simply have to try. So, get your shopping baskets at the ready and dig in to these delicious new vegan food products: 

1. For Healthy Chocolatey Snack Bars: Vive Vegan Snack Bar

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What: Dubbed on social media as ‘The Vegan Snickers’, Vive have launched three delightfully indulgent Belgian dark chocolate coated nut butter snack bars and yes, they are 100% vegan. 

The Lowdown: Vive founder, Ishak Valimohamed wanted to create a healthy natural snack with a bit of oomph. After finding typical health bars a little lacklustre, Ishak wanted a snack bar that didn’t hold back on the chocolatey goodness without losing crucial health benefits and so lucky for us Vive was born. Made in his own mini-factory in East London, Ishak uses only 100% natural, plant-based ingredients to ensure that each batch reaches the highest standard. One of the best new vegan food products on the market; each delicious snack bar offers 10 grams of gluten-free and vegan-friendly protein, dates and nuts, creamy cacao butter and a delicate coating of dark chocolate. These bars are naturally high in protein and fibre to keep you going for longer!

Price: £1.99 per 49g bar

Stockists: Holland & Barrett and Planet Organic 

2. For Cupcakes: OGGS Marvellous Mini Cupcakes

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What: Ever wanted a cake that’s both delicious and good for the planet? OGGS has got you covered with their brand new Marvellous Mini Cupcakes coming soon to a  Sainsbury’s near you. No animal product was used in the making of these tiny treats. 

The Lowdown: Baked using Aquafaba, an all-plant liquid egg substitute made from chickpea water, these cupcakes are light and fluffy with a vanilla flavoured sponge topped with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. At less than 99 kcal and will less added sugar than its standard version, these cupcakes pack in all the taste without the extra nasties. As if that wasn’t enough, the packaging itself is 100% recyclable plastic so even if it ends up in a landfill it’s completely biodegradable. So go on…treat yourself!

Price: £4.25 for 9 pack 

Stockists: Sainsbury’s – coming soon!

3. For Tofu with a Twist: Tofoo Crispy Range

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What: Just in time for the summer, The Tofoo Co. have launched their Crispy Range featuring Crispy Wholemeal Chunkies and Crispy Southern Fried Bites, all vegan of course. 

The Lowdown: Spice up the tofu dinners in your life by trying The Tofoo Co.’s brand new Crispy Range. Their Wholemeal Chunkies are handmade with organic tofu chunks coated in a crispy wholemeal crumb for delicious wholesome goodness. While you’re at it why not try the Southern Fried Bites made from organic tofu and coated in a crispy southern fried crumb, bringing with it a taste of the deep south. 

Price: £2.50 

Stockists: Sainsbury’s 

4. For the Perfect BBQ Sausages: The Meatless Farm Co. Plant-based Sausages

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What: The sun’s out (sort of) and it’s the season for BBQs but if you’re vegan, veggie or simply just cutting down on meat you can put down that charred vegetable kebab because The Meatless Farm Co. has released their new plant-based sausages packed with protein and flavour. 

The Lowdown: Make your carnivorous pals jealous next BBQ day with these Meatless Farm Co.’s sausages packed with plant-based ingredients including pea, soya and rice proteins, chicory root and caramelised carrots, seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices. Healthier than their meat counterparts, these sausages are a good source of protein, fibre, gluten-free and vegan-friendly. They’re delicious, good for you AND good for the planet. What’s not to love?  

Price: £2.50 

Stockists: Sainsbury’s

5. For an Alternative Vegan Cheese: Violife Mediterranean Style Block

Violife Mediterranean Style Block

What: Violife, the UK’s leading alternative to cheese is back with some brand new goodies. Gracing the supermarket shelves is its Mediterranean Style Block just in time for your vegan summer lunches. 

The Lowdown: Boasting a unique and delicious flavour, this alternative cheese is perfect grilled in a salad for a light al fresco lunch in the garden. Or, why not invite your friends round and serve it as a tapas-style aperitif before dinner? Made with coconut oil and magicked into a tasty cheese alternative, Violife’s Mediterranean Style Block is a worthy addition to your fridge. 

Price: £2.99

Stockists: Find Violife’s list of stockists here

6. For a Fruity Vegan Lager: Coast by Jubel

Coast by Jubel

What: Jubel brew a range of easy-to-drink and naturally fruit infused craft lagers in Cornwall and their latest edition is Coast, a crisp beverage blended with zingy grapefruit. It’s a perfect summer drink to enjoy in the sunshine with friends. Even better it’s both vegan and gluten-free!

The Lowdown: Founder Jesse Wilson thought it was high-time craft lagers caught up with the ever-growing trend of experiential and flavourful drinks and fruit ciders. Jubel’s lager range is both drinkable and adventurous. Their new addition, Coast was inspired by a Mediterranean grapefruit and lager beer they discovered while island-hopping off the coast of Croatia. Determined to capture the flavour, Coast is a crisp grapefruit lager that has the right balance of thirst quenching bitter and citrus undertones. Cheers!

Price: £1.80 per 330ml bottle 

Stockists: Sainsbury’s, Selfridges (London, Birmingham, Manchester), Sourced Market, Wyevale Garden Centres, Amazon, bottle shops, pubs and bars nationwide 

7. For a Healthy Fruit Pick-Me-Up: Gregory’s Tree Fruit Snack

Gregory's Tree Fruit Snack

What: Beat the mid-afternoon slump with a quick fruity pick-me-up from Gregory’s Tree. Their tasty fruit twist snack bars are free from dairy, gluten and wheat and made with 100% organic ingredients. 

The Lowdown: At only 60 calories per bar, these vegan snacks are all fruit and no nasties. Made with zero added sugar, these little snack bars are naturally sweet thanks to the natural fruit sugars (fructose) that give you a sustained burst of energy unlike the empty rush from refined sugars. Each Gregory’s Tree Blueberry and Raspberry Double Twist bar is made from organic fruit which is gently heated and pulped to give it that extra twist. One of these treats counts as one of your five a day, so dig in!

Price: 65p in Morrisons and 69p in Whole Foods Market 

Stockists: Gregory’s Tree stockists can be found here as well as online at Morrisons and Amazon. 

8. For a Snack to Make at Home: Energy Ball Recipes Vegan Snack Kit

Energy Ball Recipes Vegan Snack Kit

What: Energy Ball Recipes is revolutionising the snack industry by launching the UK’s first ever vegan-friendly recipe kits of its kind. Buy yourself a one-off starter kit or even sign up to a monthly subscription and get yummy energy recipes through your door.

The Lowdown: Energy balls, a bite-sized snack made with nuts, dried fruits and superfoods, are taking the healthy snack trends by storm. Now, you can get the recipes sent straight to your door for a quick, easy and healthy snack at home. Founder Victoria Prince creates energy ball recipes that are sustainable and affordable, providing just the right amount of ingredients that can be easily stored to minimise the waste. Each month a new box is sent out with all the ingredients and easy to follow instructions to make 30 energy balls that can be stored in the fridge for 7 days or frozen. Energy Ball Recipes kits are a fun and creative way to get the whole family into making and eating healthy snacks. 

Price: From £9 energy ball starter kit 

Stockists: Get your energy ball recipe kits online here

9. For Peanut Butter But Better: Whole Earth Hazelnut Crunch Peanut Butter

Whole Earth Hazelnut Crunch Peanut Butter

What: Peanut fans this one’s for you because Whole Earth has introduced a new Hazelnut Crunch peanut butter which combines the nutritious deliciousness of peanut butter with the natural sweetness of hazelnuts. 

The Lowdown: Spread it on toasted bagels, dunk it in porridge or bake it into flapjacks, Hazelnut Crunch peanut butter is as tasty as it is versatile with double the texture. Made with a flavoursome blend of roasted peanuts and pieces or roasted hazelnuts, it contains absolutely no added sugar. Hazelnut Crunch is high in protein and fibre making it a healthier alternative to other hazelnut spreads out there so why not grab a jar of this peanut buttery goodness? 

Price: £3.99 

Stockists: Waitrose or buy online here. 

10. For Vegan Jelly Sweets: Dual Jellies by Sweets in the City

Dual Jellies by Sweets in the City

Photo credit: Sweets in the City

What: To satisfy our sweet tooth cravings Sweets in the City are getting ready to launch their vegan and gluten-free fruity Dual Jellies on 8th July. Created by the 2017 Apprentice Winner, Sarah Lynn, these sweets come in a selection of fruity flavours that are bound to have your mouth-watering. 

The Lowdown: Save the date because on July 8th Dual Jellies will be hitting Waitrose shelves before making their way to Holland & Barrett in early August. These vegan and gluten-free delights are made with real fruit juice and natural colours to create a wholesome treat everyone can enjoy. Dual Jellies come in four different ‘dual’ flavours including pineapple and coconut, mango and passionfruit, apple and watermelon and strawberry and lemonade. They’re almost too good to share. 

Price: From £1.50 (50g Grab Bag)

Stockists: Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, WHSmith airport stores and online at