We love condiments, just as much as we love brunch. We’ve discovered tons of healthy vegan snacks and this year’s new coconut water. Here’s 10 foodie products you need to buy this week. Let’s get shopping:

1. For a Food Delivery Service: Superfoodio 

Classic Box Superfoodio

The Lowdown: Inspired by travels across the globe, founders Nilari and Jag have created a way to give people the chance to discover new superfood-infused products and to learn how to cook with a variety of new ingredients. They deliver boxes full of the very best superfoods direct to your door.

What: The healthy artisan snack box is the perfect way to banish the 3pm afternoon slump. The contents of the box changes every week, but expect unique, nutrient-rich snacks infused with the world’s finest whole foods. All of the snacks are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. Chomp on both sweet and savoury bites.

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2. For Gluten-Free Snacks: Nairn’s 

super seeded crackers

The Lowdown: Nairn’s can do no wrong. Kings of the oatcakes and masters of muesli, their latest product will have you down the cracker aisle in no time. Boost your fibre intake and make your snacking count with Nairn’s Gluten Free Super Seeded Crackers, the newest tasty addition to the Nairn’s Gluten Free range.

What: Nairn’s Gluten Free Super Seeded Wholegrain Crackers are made using 100% gluten free oats, suitable for coeliacs and those with gluten intolerance. Packed full of a nutritious combination of flaxseeds, millet and chia seeds, Nairn’s Gluten Free Super Seeded Wholegrain Crackers are the perfect partner for many tasty toppings; from brie and red onion chutney to peanut butter and chopped banana. Or, simply enjoy on their own as a tasty and filling snack.

Stockists: Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda

3. For a Hot Beverage: Tea Chest 


The Lowdown: Discover new and exciting teas, sourced from around the world with a brand new subscription with Tea Chest. The first tea subscription service that is entirely bespoke. Subscribers can select which flavours, number of tea bags and how often they receive them. With a combination of flavours available, choose from black, green, herbal and black blended teas or a mixture of all.

What: Tea Chest have spent time exploring the world to find the finest teas from the most interesting locations, for subscribers to enjoy in their own home. The team are expertly skilled and experienced in the art of tea making, and want to transfer this knowledge to all. Each tea bag is wrapped in a sealed silver foil, locking in the flavour and scent. And are all beautifully presented in a signature Tea Chest box.

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4. For a Spirit: Bill’s Gin

Bill's Gin Resized

The Lowdown: Bill’s Gin is now available at Bill’s Restaurants across the UK, just in time for summer. Bill’s has put its own stamp on a classic London Dry Gin, flavoured with handpicked botanicals and fresh citrus notes to create a truly unique and must-try tipple.

What: The liquid is made with specially selected botanical ingredients, including coriander, cardamom, angelica root, grapefruit peel and cubeb berries to give it a smooth texture with a punchy juniper flavour and lingering spicy finish. Bill’s Gin is delicious in a simple G&T and even more so with Bill’s Elderflower Pressé for the perfect summertime drink.

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5. For Grains: Tilda 


The Lowdown: New Tilda Pulses & Rice are single serve pouches, packed full of flavour and nutrients. They are available in five popular varieties in supermarkets nationwide.  A healthy and convenient meal solution whatever your taste; from Moroccan inspired Chickpea, Harissa and Lemon to Mexican creativity with Pinto Bean, Green Chilli and Lime.

What: Combining protein-rich pulses with basmati rice and tasty natural ingredients, each variant is inspired by the global cuisine of the pulse’s origin.  Combining plant based protein, basmati rice and vegetables, Tilda Pulses & Rice are a source of protein and fibre and count as one of your five a day. The whole range is also gluten and dairy-free. Taste the heat of the Caribbean with Tilda Pulses & Rice Black Bean, Jerk & Coconut. It blends black eyed beans and black beans with wholegrain Basmati and creamy coconut. Just delightful.

Stockists: Ocado, Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s

6. For a Vegan Breakfast: The Raw Fix 


The Lowdown: At The Raw Fix they’re passionate about real food, raw food, food full of nutrients and nourishment. They source premium raw organic ingredients, absolutely nothing refined, artificial or tampered with. The team focus on vegetables and wholefoods throughout the range, with the end result products that are big on vitality and taste.

What: Across the range they activate nuts and seeds, and keep temperatures below 42 degrees to keep enzyme boosting nutrients intact and bring you products with ‘life force’. The range includes granola and comes in a range of flavours: I am Golden which combines carrot, pear and ginger. There’s the I am Vibrant with sweet potato, almond and apricot, and the I am Nourished, a medley of  pumpkin, pecan and maple.

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7. For Sugar-Free Treats: Small Palm 


The Lowdown: Launched in January 2016, Small Palms are dairy, gluten, wheat and sugar free balls of yummy goodness. Small Palms are the perfect snack to enjoy as a post-gym workout, a breakfast treat, a snack to a cup of tea or even to curb the midnight munchies.

What: Dates and coconut pieces form the base in each ball and a variety of nuts, seeds and organic plant powders are then added to determine the flavours which include; vanilla, chocolate orange and apple pie. Throughout the year, limited edition flavours have included raspberry rose and passion fruit, and this summer Small Palms will be launching their pina colada flavoured energy balls.

Stockists:  Selfridges, Daylesford, Raw Press and Core gyms

8. For Raw Snacks: 100% Natural Foods 

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 16.46.22

The Lowdown: Established in 2011, 100% Natural Foods started making their raw chocolate brownies in their home kitchen in Brighton. All of their products are healthy treats which are naturally free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. They’re big fans of producing food which nourishes your body and tastes cracking too.

What: The brownies come in a range of four flavours; raw cacao, Himalayan rose salt, coconut and chia, and goji and acai berry. All of the brownies are organic, produced from the highest quality ingredients and made using 100% renewable energy.

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9. For Classic Confectionary: Mr Stanley’s 


The Lowdown: Introducing Mr. Stanley’s confectionery, an assortment of British sweets which capture the flavours of a world gone by with a modern twist. Mr Stanley’s brings together a signature range of eye-catching British confectionery; from crumbly fudge to gourmet chocolates and nostalgic sweets.

What: Created using traditional recipes and still made in the good old fashioned way, Mr Stanley prides himself on producing a range to transport you back in time. With over 50 delicious products to satisfy your sweet tooth, Mr. Stanley’s range delivers the best in luxury confectionery. From signature seaside striped boxes to iconic British illustrations, choose from an array of beautifully boxed treats to celebrate every occasion.

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10. For This Years New Coconut Water: What A Melon


The Lowdown: What A Melon is taking the UK’s health market by storm. Coconut water is so 2015, this year it’s all about watermelon water. And like the trusty coconut, watermelon water does hydrate like coconut water. Except watermelon water has the anti-oxidant lycopene and the muscle-loving amino acid citruline so it’s even better for letting you get your sweat on.

What: So tasty, so cool, so fresh. Watermelon is not just another pretty fruit, and it certainly ain’t no coconut. What A Melon’s watermelon water is all natural, containing nothing but a squeeze of lemon minus the bits and pips of course.

Stockists: Selfridges