It’s official. Restaurant Famiglia Rana has been entered into the prestigious 2022 Michelin Guide, an international benchmark of excellence. This astonishing achievement comes just a year after the restaurant reopened following its forced closure during the pandemic.

Famiglia Rana isn’t just a restaurant name. It’s a culinary project brought to life by Gian Luca Rana (CEO of Rana Group), and this award is a celebration of its success.

Gian Luca Rana’s winning concept was to create an experiential restaurant to take diners on a journey to distant lands and cultures, fuelled by his trademark passion and knowledge.

And Gian Luca Rana knew exactly who he wanted by his side. Enter Chef Giuseppe D’Aquino, who knew exactly how to bring this eclectic, high quality concept to fruition. The entrepreneur explains: “When I first met Giuseppe D’Aquino, I was absolutely clear on the restaurant concept. I’d written my own recipe, and Guiseppe had the right ingredients to make it a success. From there, I put all my faith in Guiseppe. It was about more than his cooking – I also appreciated his eclectic, cheerful approach”.

Dishing up quality and excellence

Of course, when a restaurant concept is guided by a man as obsessed with quality as Gian Luca Rana, every dish must be nothing less than exceptional. It should be at the highest heights of the culinary landscape of Italy – and the world.

The man himself described this restaurant as a real challenge. He wanted it to go beyond restaurant status, elevating it to a place where experiences are shared and new ideas are formed. After all, excellence is a fundamental pillar of the vision he has in mind for Famiglia Rana.

With chef Giuseppe D’Aquino by his side, Gian Luca Rana has managed to create a concept with a level of excellence and quality only possible with a combination of unbeatable talent, experience and knowledge. With the entrepreneur’s formula the restaurant functions like a lab: theories are conceived and converted into winning recipes. His aim is to stimulate and satisfy the senses – and of course taste comes first.

Culinary proposal

Put simply: eclectic and refined.

These concepts come together to form the very soul of the restaurant, with difference spaces and times dedicated to each. The bistro – open for lunch service from Tuesday to Friday – offers a refined yet informal menu, with creative and masterful recipes made to exceed diners’ expectations.

The restaurant offers a more innovative, unique menu. Open  every day (except for Monday) for lunch, by prior reservation, and for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, this is a space tailor-made for unforgettable moments.

This is especially true of the tasting menus. ‘History’ is made up of the chef’s classics; ‘Nature’ is an entirely vegetarian menu based on organic produce, grown just metres from the restaurant; and ‘Round-the-World’ is a celebration of chef D’Aquino and Gian Luca Rana’s travels.

The basement is home to a fabulous wine cellar boasting 800 varieties, a veritable bounty which has seen it awarded a Two Glass award by Wine Spectator for the third consecutive year.

Restaurant design

The restaurant design goes beyond aesthetics and is based on a concept and philosophy that aims to inspire guests no matter where they look.

The interiors are in constant dialogue with the natural surroundings. This is a décor scheme that puts nature front and centre, enveloping diners in a warm and welcoming ambience.

The tables and tableware on the ground floor are a showcase of innovative design. The pieces reveal the history of ceramic artisans and tablecloth producers, with the restaurant’s trademark focus on the natural. Every corner is a celebration of every passing season.

Gian Luca’s favourite chef, and a new team with fresh ideas, have come together in perfect harmony, and the result is a refined ambience that goes beyond the standard restaurant concept. This is an unforgettable location where diners can sample a culinary experience inspired by his ideas, experiencing sensations that go beyond taste, satisfying every sense.

It’s a successful formula, and one which is undoubtedly behind the Famiglia Rana restaurant’s entry in the prestigious Michelin Guide 2022.