You might recognise Michael Fox from TV classic Downtown Abbey. The actor who plays footman Andy in the ITV series, is no stranger to the screen. Michael joined Downton at the end of series five and also starred in series six. You’ll catch Michael in the Christmas Special. A passionate foodie, he shares his favourite spots in London:


Photo Credit: David Sheldrick

Favourite bakery in London?

beigel-shop-823x600Brick Lane Bagels are the cat’s pyjamas. The bee’s knees if you will.

Favourite place to grab a coffee:


 When I was living in Balham there was this amazing coffee shop called Brickwood, it’s gradually taking over south west London I think. It was so good in fact my housemate and I were inspired to grind and percolate our own coffee, but to mediocre affect – god knows how Brickwood do it.

 London’s best breakfast can be found at:

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 14.20.55

 Tough one – I love a full English breakfast, so I’d take a greasy spoon over a hipster one any day. There’s Gino’s Coffee Bar opposite Marylebone – that always, always, delivers (in a metaphorical sense that is, I don’t think they actually deliver). 

Favourite Italian restaurant is:

 Franco Manca, their pizzas are on a different level and they’re sourdough. I think that makes them healthy.

 Where’s your favourite area in London to go and eat out?


 I go out and eat in Soho a lot, there’s street food, and loads of different restaurants all in walking distance. Pretty much after every audition I treat myself to a nice lunch.

 What’s your local restaurant you always go to? 11666238_999150700137169_1875713642554409837_n

I know I’ve already talked about Franco Manca, but I do go regularly. Once a week my band and I rehearse in Balham and we always get a couple of red stripes and a chorizo pizza (I believe it’s number 6 on the menu). 

 Favourite cafe/restaurant for lunch?

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 14.40.17

Bear and Wolf in Tufnell Park has the best BLT in London. It’s ok to have BLT every day, right? Tomatoes are one of your five a day.

Favourite restaurant for a celebration?


My family always go to The White Oak in Cookham, for any birthday celebration. They know us really well in there, and they even ask my dad’s advice on the wine list… he has many years of experience.

Favourite restaurant for dinner?


My favourite place in the whole world for food and drink is The Cow Pub down Westbourne Park road. Great food, great Guinness and the locals there are always up for a laugh and meeting newbies! Also I worked there in between Downton Abbey.

 Do you have a particular dish from a restaurant that’s your go to?

 Chicken Kiev, next question.

 Favourite place to grab a drink/cocktail?



See I could easily say The Cow again, but in the interest of variety I’d say Gordon’s Wine Bar down on Embankment. I have many happy memories of that place, good wine and cheese underground, basically you feel like a pirate. Well I do anyway.

Michael Fox will be in the Downton Abbey Christmas Special on ITV on Christmas Day and is supporting Macmillan Cancer Support’s Guards Chapel Christmas Carol Concert on Thursday 3rd December. For further information or to get a ticket, please visit here.