Hold on to your napkins people, Scully St James’s has launched its first-ever 8-course tasting menu. Transforming the evening offering into a meal with all the bells and whistles (read: 8 courses of delicious grub), the new format guides guests on a journey through Chef Patron Ramael Scully’s unique heritage and cooking techniques.

Scully was born in Malaysia and grew up in Sydney with a mother of Chinese/Indian descent and an Irish/Balinese father. His diverse cultural upbringing translates into his cooking, with dishes reflecting the Malaysian flavours of his childhood and culinary traditions from his diverse family heritage, all whilst harnessing sustainable, locally sourced ingredients.

Combining lesser-known ingredients with unique cooking techniques, alongside the appointment of Head Chef Dom, he has evolved the menus at the restaurant to a tasting format, with both a standard menu (£110) and vegan offering (£90).

The menu starts with three surprise snacks, each an explosion of flavour giving guests a taste of what’s to come. Highlights from the standard tasting menu include Lake District short rib pastrami which is brined, smoked and slow-cooked with Urfa, a Turkish chilli pepper often described as having a smoky raisinlike taste. From the Vegan menu, Nasi Jagung, a traditional rice dish from Indonesia with a Scully twist, made with cooked dry cracked corn, sweetcorn kernels, corn dashi, green tomato and yeast flakes served with candied Jalapeños and Australian Black Truffle. Finally, the menu concludes with surprising and engaging seasonal ‘petit fours’ made by expert pastry chef, Adrian Petrovan. There’s more courses, but we don’t have the word count to mention them all. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a surprise, eh?

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4 St James’s Market, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4AH