Is there anything better than a good burger? We think not. Forget your burger with too many toppings, and a mismatch of condiments, oh no, we’re just talking about the classic cheeseburger. And if it’s top tier beef you’re after plus only a handful of well-choreographed ingredients, it’s about time you checked our Flat Iron’s new Herd Burger.

Head of Beef Fred Smith has designed the special with simplicity at its heart, using beef exclusively from the Flat Iron herd in Thirsk, Yorkshire alongside the very best British produce.

The Herd Burger consists of two beef patties made from a variety of cuts including short rib, skirt and bavette, encased in a buttery brioche bun. And it doesn’t stop there. Fred layers the burger with Ogleshield cheese, known as Britain’s answer to raclette and for its punchy flavour and ability to melt, Natoora’s Iberiko winter tomatoes, characterised by Umami sweetness and fresh acidity, crispy shredded lettuce, and a generous spread of Fred’s new own burger relish – smoked chilli mayonnaise, ketchup, dijon mustard, chopped gherkins and white onions and finished with fresh chervil and tarragon.

Next time you head to Flat Iron, skip the steak (there’s always next time), order the Herd Burger, and thank us later.

For further information on Flat Iron, see here. Flat Iron’s Herd Burger is available at all Flat Iron restaurants, priced at £12.