Is there anything Crosstown can’t do? First they wow us with doughnuts, then cookies, and now: its first vegan cake dough. Introducing the Blueberry and Lemon doughnut which has just joined the Crosstown line-up this month – soft and fluffy vegan cake dough filled with blackberry and lemon compote, then topped with a vibrant blueberry glaze and finished with blue vanilla crumble.

To attain the same tastes and textures that Crosstown are renowned for, they replace eggs and dairy with premium plant-based ingredients such as chia seeds and oat milk, achieving a light vegan cake dough that’s every bit as delicious as their famous original cake dough.

You can purchase the flavour individually (£4.50), in the Crosstown’s Favourite, Vegan, and Nut-Free boxes, in packs of six and twelve (£22/£38), as well as the Seasonal doughnut box (£27.50) exclusively available for nationwide delivery.

Online orders for delivery or collection across Greater London, Cambridge, and nationwide delivery are available by visiting here.