Originally opening in Wandsworth, South London, in 2020, London Stock is a restaurant with lofty ambitions. Fresh off the back of being awarded 3 AA rosettes, the team have uprooted their restaurant and replanted it slap bang in the middle of Mayfair. It’s a bold move and one that shows no lack of ambition, but can the restaurant’s casual approach to fine dining stand out in central London’s crowded field of small plates and high prices?

With a focus on sustainability and the team striving for a zero waste kitchen, the eco-credentials are certainly in place, and the space itself feels intimate enough to generate a pleasant atmosphere, without being cramped. Onto the food, and after trying their four-course menu for ourselves, we’re happy to report that they stick the culinary landing with style.

Starters include a generous portion of velvety smoked burrata paired with beetroot and pistachio, both of which cut through the creaminess and stop the dish becoming, well, just a big lump of cheese. Also on offer are a bite-sized portion of lobster flavoured with tom yum, bok choy and lime, and, the absolute winner in our mind, glazed rabbit leg with prunes, olives and almonds. It might sound old-fashioned, but that classic base is the perfect foundation for the kitchen to twist into something delicious. Fans of ceviche will also be pleased to see the cured sea bream on the menu. Good ceviche hinges on the citrus flavours working underneath the fish itself, rather than fighting with it, something that is managed perfectly in this case.

The chalk stream trout is just as good – served with dill, trout roe, and a buttermilk sauce that adds a hint of creaminess without swamping the flavour of the fish. London Stock specialises in small plates (alongside its four-course offer, they also do a more extensive tasting menu), and the expertise this has given them in balancing competing flavours within and between courses is clear.

Desserts lean heavily on chocolate, and for good reason – both the chocolate souffle and the dulcey are fantastic. The souffle is light and airy, weighed down by a sphere of banana ice cream which slowly sinks through the centre while you eat. The dulcey goes the other way, layering deliciously rich caramel, orange and brownie into a densely decadent block. Both are just the right size to finish the meal, without outstaying their welcome.

London Stock took a risk in moving to the centre of the capital’s fine dining scene, but their combination of an unfussy atmosphere, intimate surroundings, and top tier food make them a standout addition to the area.

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6 Sackville St, London W1S 3DD