It’s amazing. London, I mean. The city with endless foodie possibilities – there’s never not a new pop-up or a special collaboration happening. My to do list of London restaurants grows week by week. But, there’s been a hotspot that has been on my list for a while, and I finally managed to get my hands of what was the freshest pasta I have ever tried. I’m talking about Burro e Salvia, a family owned Italian eatery on Redchurch Street that made me realise why I love carbs so much. It’s because they’re blooming tasty, that’s why. If you’re in a need of a new spot, a lazy lunch or dinner with pals. I seriously can’t recommend this place enough. I’ll stop with the chit chat now – here’s what you need to know.

Burro e Salvia: The Vibe

Burro e Salvia shop counter
Burro e Salvia is somewhat special. All of their pasta is made fresh onsite every day, with the team carefully making ravioli, tagliatelle and other delights on their marble counter tops at the front of the restaurant, where you can also get your hands on Italian produce – olive oil, pasta sauces and all that jazz. You can’t help but stand and watch – their attention to detail is second to none. Each square perfectly cut as the last. Towards the back of the eatery is where you’ll come across the seating area, which is by no means large. I’m talking about a handful of table and chairs.


The decor has been designed in such a way, that you can’t help but feel like you’ve been transported to Italy. It reminds me of a family holidays spent in Tuscany, where long summer days where spent lazing by the pool and balmy summer nights were spent round a dinner table chatting, eating and reminiscing. I couldn’t feel further from East London if I tried. The walls are white washed, with limited decoration – there’s a wooden dresser in the corner. It scream Italian farmhouse, in a non aggressive, but friendly manner. I haven’t even tried the food, and I’m already signing up for a loyalty card.

Burro e Salvia: The Food 

tajarin with sausage ragu 3

The food. Good grief, the food. If you settle for anything less than the whole three courses, you’re missing out. Big time. It true Italian fashion, order the antipasti selection. It comprises of different salamis, cured meats and that burrata. Two generous portions of cheesy goodness. I mean, there’s no denying that this burrata is somewhat of a dairy miracle. Drizzled lightly with olive oil. Best served with their seeded bread. Which, by the way, is really really good. And is served in the most quaint bread basket.

Next up, the tomato salad. What makes a tomato salad damn tasty? Well, ask the chaps at Burro, because they’re onto a winner with theirs. A plateful of fresh, juicy toms mixed with a few herbs and balsamic vinegar. Simplicity at its finest.

agnolotti cavour 2
The menu changes on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis depending on what pasta they’ve made that day. But there’s a dish that will always appear on their menu, and that’s the Agnolotti Cavour (meat and spinach ravioli). What I saw being made earlier, is now on my plate. You just can’t argue with the quality or freshness.  The ravioli, thankfully, isn’t over cooked. There’s always a tendency with ravioli that you can be served with a bowl of rubbery mess. If anything, the pasta at Burro is al dente. I approve. The squares, gloriously coated in a buttery sauce are generously filled with the killer combo. Spinach and meat. Best mates. The perfect team. It’s the theme throughout Burro e Salvia that you can’t help but notice. This is authentic Italian cooking in Shoreditch. Not many restaurants can declare themselves as an authentic Italian. But let me tell you this. Burro e salvia certainly can. If it’s on the menu, try the Scialatielli with green peas, burrata and crispy ham – it’s divine.

The grand finale is the chocolate and almond cake. A generous slice of nutty, chocolatey perfection.

Burro e Salvia: The Verdict


Yes the pasta is delicious. Yes the staff are friendly. Yes the Aperol Spritz is a delight. Burro e Salvia is a place that works. Works hard to deliver on both taste and value. Don’t take my word for it, just go.