Sick of all the baking posts on Instagram but not very good at baking? Join the club. Take the cheat’s way out – here’s 5 of the best cookie deliveries in London:

1. Blondie’s Kitchen

Gooey melt in the middle cookie dough puds by Blondie’s Kitchen are just what your lockdown needs. Place an order now for delivery to any London postcode and get delicious cookies to bake at home! The bake at home box includes one milk, white and dark chocolate chip cookie dough.

2. Ben’s Cookies

There’s no beating Ben’s Cookies, let’s be honest. Gooey, soft and delicious, you can’t go wrong. Our personal favourite is the peanut butter and dark chocolate chunk flavour, too good. They are available on Deliveroo, Uber Eats and City Pantry.

3. Creme London

Creme London, in Soho, makes some of the best cookies in town and now you can send cookies! You can choose from delicious flavours like white chocolate miso and banana dark chocolate in their mixed box of 6 soft-baked cookies.

4. My Cookie Dough

We love this cookie dough concept – My Cookie Dough sends you a box with everything you need to make delicious bakes at home. The #BakeItYourself 5-pack comes with 5 chilled, unbaked cookie dough bases, plus all the sauces and toppings you need to create their fan faves.

5. Naked Dough

Did you know the UK’s first cookie dough cafe also delivers? Get your hands on this delicious cookie dough, they’ve got amazing flavours like vegan buttery biscuit base and hazelnut goodness. Perfect for hitting the sweet spot.

6. Chummys Bakery

Craving warm, delicious cookies delivered in London? Look no further than Chummy’s Bakery. With top-quality ingredients, including organic flour and fair-trade chocolate, their freshly baked cookies are a true indulgence. With a variety of flavors and vegan/gluten-free options, Chummy’s Bakery has something for everyone. Convenient online ordering and same-day delivery within London make it easy to satisfy your cookie cravings. Elevate your cookie experience with Chummy’s Bakery, the ultimate choice for London’s best cookie deliveries. Place your order today.