Looking for a different kind of dinner? Then try this. The Art of Dining has just announced its new project: The Engine Room – a five course pop-up dining experience in celebration of the Victorian era. What to expect? Well, the evening will combine carefully curated food, theatre, music and set design for a stunning sensory experience in the London Museum of Water and Steam. Here’s what you need to know:

The Art of Dining: What

GB. England. London. Shoreditch. Rocket Gallery. Martin Parr Portrait Studio. 2012.


The dynamic pop-up duo, Ellen Parr & Alice Hodge have collaborated in the past to create London’s most unforgettable dinners, including Abigail’s Party, The Colour Palate, Gone Camping, and A Night with the Mistress (the latter in conjunction with The National Trust.) The team’s strength lies in their dual creative expertise, Set Designer Alice conjuring a world of sensory intrigue and wonder that is galvanised by Chef Ellen’s unique, concept driven, menus.

The Art of Dining: Expect




The Engine Room presents an exceptional mix of design, food and entertainment. Taking place for just seven nights, this November at London’s hidden gem, The London Museum of Water and SteamInspired by the sheer size and beauty of engines within the walls of The London Museum of Steam and Water, set designer Alice Hodge will take you back 160 years to a time of bold and functional beauty. Moro trained chef Ellen Parr is currently developing a range of dishes inspired by the industrial age, incorporating interactive elements and surprises that will elevate the dining experience to a full immersive event.

The Art of Dining: Food

GB. England. London. The Art of Dining, Pop-up Restaurant. Vienamese style Roast Quail - ripped and dipped in dry sweet and spicy flavours. 2012.

Diners will be welcomed with a cocktail in the beam engine room, a cathedral commemoration of industry housing a pump engine so mind-boggling that Charles Dickens named it ‘a monster’. Here you will be greeted by the foreman, taken on a tour through the wonders of his mechanical menagerie, and seated at a five-course dinner that celebrates oil, smoke, steel and steam. Think whole steamed bass stuffed with ginger and lemongrass with garlic morning glory and smoked and marinated lamb shoulder with whipped feta, kalamata olives and tomato salad. We’re sold. 

For more information, visit: www.theartofdining.co.uk