If there’s one thing we’ve missed whilst stuck at home this last month (?) year (?) decade (?) however long this pandemic has been going on for, it’s restaurant-quality pizza.

Now, we all know there’s a time and a place for a frozen pizza, and who hasnt gobbled down a Goodfellas or taken a trip to Chicago Town after a night out, but after so long stuck at home a prescription from Dr Oetker just doesnt hit the spot anymore. Thankfully, pizza legends Pizza Pilgrims have come to save the day with a game-changing DIY at-home kit, perfect for any pizza lover (so, everyone in the UK then).

Ideal for both pie aficionados and the novices among us, Pilgrims’ kit has just the right amount of immersive cooking, without taking up your whole evening. In your kit (delivered nationwide), you receive 2 dough balls, all the pizza classics (posh cheese, gorgeous tomato sauce), and enough toppings to make two of their iconic pies. We opted for the spicy pepperoni and honey, which was an absolute winner with a beautiful mix of spice and sweetness, and above all else, couldn’t have been easier to make.

What made this kit so joyous was the ease and speed of creating a top-notch ‘za at home – simply roll out the dough, load on all your toppings on, then you pop the pizza in a frying pan for a couple of minutes (yes, you read that correct), before shoving under a hot grill for 60 seconds or so. This all culminates in arguably the best pizza we’ve had in the last year, with a gorgeous crispy base and crust and a pillowy middle, with the toppings cooked to perfection.

Although it may seem like everyone and their mum has bought a pizza oven over the last year (great year for Ooni, eh?), this DIY kit really shows it’s easy to make incredible pizza at home, with items everyone has already. With an accessible, flavoursome and innovative kit, Pizza Pilgrims really have changed the game on home cooking.

Buy a Pizza Pilgrim DIY kit here.