Disclaimer: the ramen you’re about to read about is not for the weak-willed/those with a low tolerance to spice.

Especially for Halloween 2020,  rock ‘n’ roll ramen purveyors Bone Daddies are turning up the heat with the return of London’s hottest ramen: the Prince of Darkness.

Created in collaboration with East London street food legend The Rib Man, the seriously spicy Prince of Darkness ramen isn’t for the faint-hearted.

The limited-edition Halloween special first launched in 2016 and is back by popular demand, combining Bone Daddies’ homemade pork broth, chilli garlic tare, soy shiitake, padron peppers, charred chashu pork, bamboo and beansprouts with The Rib Man’s ‘Judas is Scary Hot’ sauce. This is his hottest sauce yet, made with the three fiercest chillies in the world: Carolina Reapers, Trinidadian Scorpions and Dorset Nagas.

The ramen is Bone Daddies’ spiciest special to date – and hotter than any other you’ll find in London. Just launched, the Prince of Darkness is priced at £13.50 and will feature on the menu at all Bone Daddies restaurants until 30th November.

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