Food delivery services are on the up. Thanks to fancy apps and the world wide web, you can now dine on high cuisine in the comfort of your own home. And, that’s not all – lunch time deliveries are now far more popular, eating gourmet fare at your desk is becoming common practice. There’s one food service that has broken the mould, offering a completely new food idea that will have you signing up in no time. Welcome to the world of Fresh Fitness Food, a new programme that tailors your food to your fitness requirements. Here’s what you need to know:

What: Fresh Fitness Food

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Fresh Fitness Food is London’s newest, premium provider of bespoke nutrition plans for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and busy professionals. The idea is simple; you tell them your fitness goals, what you want to achieve (look sassy, be sassy, feel sassy), and they tailor a meal package to your macro requirements (how much protein, carbs and fats you need). All of the meal plans are created by a Michelin star trained menu consultant and a team of expert chefs and nutritionists. Using their expertise and industry knowledge, Fresh Fitness Food offers restaurant standard meal plans that not only taste great, but provide you with the necessary nutrition based on your individual requirements and goals, without the worry or stress of preparing food yourself.

Why: Fresh Fitness Food 


For an idea that’s so simple – you wonder why it hasn’t been created sooner.  The team at Fresh Fitness Food prepare the food throughout the night, and deliver to you door before 6am. And you want to know the best bit? The food is hearty, healthy and delicious. No chia seeds, unwanted or unnecessary super foods – just good, honest food. Straight from the kitchen onto your doorstep. No two meal plans are ever the same – you can notify the team of your food preferences and they will make sure that all the foods you’re not keen on, are not included.  The menu changes daily and is entirely rotated every fortnight –   great taste and variety with every delivery.


Fresh Fitness Food is built on a strong belief in the importance of quality, and the consistent nutrition for enhanced training and results. Even if you’re not an avid gym goer, Fresh Fitness Food allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle without the fuss of cooking. Each day you’ll be delivered between 3-5 meals  plus snacks and a smoothie. We’re not just talking about limp salads either – meals can range from chicken curries to lamb dishes and meatballs.  One bite of their homemade coconut and cacao balls, and you’ll be hooked. Trust us.

Fresh Fitness Food is a great concept – they’re the pioneers of the healthy food delivery world. This isn’t just a food fad, or some off the wall idea. It’s a simple solution that deserves far more credit that it receives.

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