Although restaurants are now set to open back up in the UK in just a couple of months, we’re still clucking for some grub from our favourite places, and nothing has been on our mind quite as much as the bao from Flesh & Buns.

After attending a bottomless brunch at the Covent Garden branch last summer, it’s fair to say a lot of our waking hours have been spent daydreaming about those fluffy little bad boys, and the amazing accompaniments that make F&B one of the best spots in the capital; whether you’re going to gorge to your heart’s content or just for a light bite.

Photo Credit: Restaurant Kits 

Luckily, when we needed them most and just couldn’t hack boshing another banana bread, Flesh & Buns came through with their DIY home kit, and boy have they upped the home kit game.

Delivered nationwide, their bao at home kit comes with everything you need for two people; six buns, a glorious slab of pork belly, pickled apples, karashi miso and shiso leaves. Fantastically easy to make (the whole dish can be finished in around 10-15 mins and included is a steamer), we were blown away by how simple and delicious the whole experience was.

Made in a bamboo steamer over one pan, and in the oven (so minimal washing up), the steamy boys were restaurant quality, whilst the piglet belly pulled apart effortlessly and packed a glorious flavour punch with a juxtaposition of crunchy and chewy textures. The pickled apples and miso leaves combined with the pork and bao made the dish essentially like an eastern version of a pulled pork bap, but with beautiful, subtle flavours that didn’t feel too heavy or make you need a lie down afterwards.

Needless to say, this hit the spot big time, so much so we went and ordered the fried chicken kit immediately after we finished the bao. Get yours now and add some steamy, pillowy goodness to another week in lockdown.

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