Are you a cake lover? Treat fan? Brownie gal? Then you need to discover Billington’s – the best sugar in the land. We chatted to our friends at Billington’s to find out more about their amazing sugar, its history and origins:

Billington’s: The Beginning


Billington’s began life on a ship; Edward Billington and Son began trading tea and coffee across the oceans, in 1858, and started to import sugar soon after. In 1977, Billington’s began to import sugar of the highest quality. It’s the real stuff –  nothing fake here, Mauritian unrefined brown sugars for which they are famous today.

Billington’s: The Values


Billington’s is all about quality. Their founding values are of quality, integrity and fair trading. What’s more, their rich family heritage is still absolutely central to the way they do business today – keeping strong the values of family and community. They try to give back to the planet, wherever they can, and you can expect nothing but pure quality from them.

Billington’s: The Sugars


These sugars are an act of love. They craft them with precision, time and care – the skill is in stopping the process at exactly the right time, to create the many different types, flavours and colours. These sugars are as nature intended, with great natural flavour and colour. Because not all brown sugars are the same; these ones are produced at source, with all the flavour of natural molasses. For this reason, Billington’s has great natural aroma and depth of flavour.

Billington’s: The Suppliers


Billington’s have developed strong and trusted partnerships with suppliers around the world, with a joint focus on producing the finest quality sugars. This is especially apparent in Mauritius, where for many years they have worked closely with local growers to create the finest natural soft brown baking sugars available. Their sugars have made an important difference to the cane-producing communities of Mauritius; they source products with integrity, working with partners who adhere to our high ethical, technical and social standards.