For the first time ever, Crosstown have launched a limited-edition doughnut flavour ready for the Easter celebrations. Introducing… the Spiced Hot Cross Bun Doughnut.

The Spiced Hot Cross Bun Doughnut is crafted with Crosstown’s Easter spiced dough, which has been filled with a deliciously creamy cinnamon custard, topped with Seville orange glaze, and finished with a spiced cross and candied orange peel – the perfect flavour to enjoy with a cup of coffee or glass of sparkling wine throughout the Easter weekend.

Alongside the new doughnut, Crosstown have curated two Easter selection boxes which feature a selection of freshly ground coffee, Prana chai, speciality wine, and flowers, alongside the limited edition doughnuts (which can be swapped out for alternative flavours from Crosstown’s award-winning vegan range).

Crosstown’s Easter selection is available via the Crosstown website. The special Spiced Hot Cross Bun Doughnut will also be available in stores and on-demand across London from the 29th March – 5th April.