The humble brownie is a popular sweet bite for good reason, and has witnessed many interpretations over the years. But you can’t go wrong with a classic brownie – forget your salted caramel, your peanut butter, and any other additions, the traditional brownie is a timeless dessert that has become a menu mainstay, and a buffet table staple since its creation (apparently in the early 20th century according to Google).

The World Wide Web is choc-a-block with brownie delivery services, but there’s always room for more. Introducing BOBBIE’s Brownies – a London-based start-up who have launched a range of gigantic, indulgent brownies, freshly made to order for delivery to doorsteps across the UK.

Centered on sustainable and ethical ingredients and fair practice, BOBBIE’S bang out some of the best brownies in the business. None of the mini brownie malarky; they’re huge, weighty beauties with a deep, rich flavour, pleasing crunchy exterior and a soft, gooey middle.

As big as paving slabs, these brownies are cakey and fudgy in equal measure – the perfect ratio. They’re light, moist and airy, but also gooey, moreish and chewy. Available in a 3 or 6-pack, you can eat individually or cut to a desired size.

Fancy more brownie for your British buck? The Slab is the daddy of the BOBBIE’S product range, with a whopping 1.4kg of wall-to-wall brownie, topped with white and dark chocolate – add candles and it will rival any caterpillar-shaped cake, or cut into pieces for that party you’ve been planning.

Seeking a tangible impact, every BOBBIE’S brownie bought contributes to the 1.8m nutritious meals delivered to children in education across the globe each day through amazing charity partner, Mary’s Meals.

For further information on BOBBIE’s Brownies, see here