Good day, London. Now don’t spend your precious minutes trawling through menus online planning the foodie week ahead – here’s 5 things you simply need to eat this week:

1. Japanese Omelette at Okan


Hidden away in Brixton Village Market, Okan is very much the secret that’s out of the bag. They serve an amazing omelette – it’s rich, full of surprisingly delicious ingredients and only £8. Win win. Learn about what to order at Okan here

2. Lemon Marshmallow Pudding at Mele e Pere


Actually, it’s about time you ate everything at Mele if we’re being totally honest. But if we could only have one thing, it would be the lemon pudding. We’re talking melting marshmallow and fresh lemon curd. We’re talking heaven. Read about Mele’s amazing new menu here.

3. Carrot Sorbet at Restaurant 1701


The novelty of dining in a synagogue is only as great as the novelty of carrot not in a juice, soup or chicken soup. At 1701, it’s super sweet, paired with a light orange blossom soaked sponge, and a chocolate soil. It’s a dessert worth crossing London for. Read our experience of dining in a synagogue here. 

4. Slow-Cooked Orzo at Ergon London


We checked out the new menu at Greek restaurant Ergon on Picton Place last week and we were seriously impressed. The slow-cooked Orzo, covered in cheese and tomato sauce, doesn’t even need the accompanying lamb, it’s that good. Stay tuned for more about Ergon this week! 

5. Pigeon Pastilla at Momo 


It’s a classic but we think you should try it. Momo’s a London establishment and their pigeon pastilla, dusted with icing sugar, is somewhat famous. Go try it for yourself.

For the recipe, click here.