Want to celebrate in style? This month, Dishoom honours the Islamic month of Ramadan and invites you to join their celebrations of breaking fast, Eid al-Fitr, and you can also donate to charity simply by eating. Here’s how:

Eid Al-Fitr: What


On Sunday 19th July, Dishoom invites you to join their Eid Al-Fitr festivities. The event will take place in the atrium of the Granary Building on Granary Square, adjacent to Dishoom King’s Cross. Eid is much loved by Dishoom; this joyous festival marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting. Eid Al-Fitr falls the day after the sighting of the new moon and is a cherished affair – family and friends come together to feast, give gifts, wear beautifully adorned new clothes and celebrate in the company of loved ones.


Dishoom’s celebration is free and open to all – guests will be welcomed and greeted with warm chai and Thums Up and Limca. Have your name beautifully drawn in Arabic calligraphy by the super-talented Samir Malik. There’s a henna to paint the traditional designs on your hands and the wonderful ‘A’ Team Arts will be encouraging children to craft their own decorations for a communal ‘tree’. Guests will also be offered a tasty selection of Indian sweets and invited to try some hand-made parcels of sweet Paan.

Eid: Special Dish



Dishoom will also be serving a brand-new Eid special of Raan Biryani in all the cafés. This is a lamb shank, marinated for 8 hours in spices and then slow-cooked for flavour and tenderness – in a similar process to Dishoom Shoreditch’s delicious Lamb Raan. The meat is then bedded with fragrant basmati rice steeped in saffron, cardamom and mint and baked under a pastry lid to keep the delicious steam inside. Raan Biryani will be served from Sunday 19th July.

Ramadan Charity


Ramadan is a time for reflection and giving. For this month, Dishoom is supporting two wonderful charities: Magic Breakfast in London and Akshaya Patra in India. Both charities provide nourishing, free school meals for children who don’t get enough food at home. So, for every guest who eats with Dishoom this month, they will feed another two in need, meaning every meal served equals three full bellies. Every evening at the time of breaking fast – which falls around 9.20pm – Dishoom will be serving the traditional dates and refreshing Nimbu Pani to anyone waiting outside for a table.

For more information, see their website here.