Tasty Tuesdays is back and this week we’re focussing on the nutritious food and drinks to help you get through the colder months and stay your healthy best. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up then we’ve got you covered with our selection of healthy, indulgent snacks and organic smoothies. If something warm and comforting is what you’re after then have a look at our soup and night time latte suggestions. So, grab a cuppa, wrap a blanket around you and dig in: 

1. For a Healthy Morning Smoothie: Purition Golden Milk Smoothie

5 Foods to Eat This Winter, 5 healthy Foods to Eat This Winter, food products for winter, winter food products

What: Helping us get through this winter, Purition has launched a new range of nutritious meals in a glass and the first on our shelves is a Golden Milk Smoothie. 

Why: Start your day strong with Purition’s new Golden Milk Smoothie. Just one serving contains 800mg of curcumin which is the equivalent to 4 teaspoons of turmeric. Healthy and nutritious Golden Milk Smoothie is packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and contains no artificial ingredients and is low in sugar and starchy carbs. Instead, you can find a healthy mix of all-natural seeds, nuts and nutritious blend of vegetarian proteins with added coconut, ginger and extracts of turmeric and black pepper. Whip up a glass of Purition’s Golden Milk Smoothie in 30 seconds for a warm and energising start to your day. 

Price: A 500g pouch (approximately 12 servings) is £24. 

Stockists: Purition online.

2. For Crisps Crisps from the Sea: Abakus Food Seaweed Crisps

5 Foods to Eat This Winter, 5 healthy Foods to Eat This Winter, food products for winter, winter food products

What: Abakus Foods have launched a new range of seaweed crisps packed full of guilt-free flavour and nutrition just in time for winter. 

Why: Abakus Foods’ new range of seaweed crisps are made of seaweed harvested from the seas of South Korea and dusted with a thin coating of tapioca to create a crunchy and oh-so-snackable snack. Far from fishy, the seaweed crisps come in 3 tantalising and traditional flavours – lightly salted, salt & vinegar and cheese flavour. These seaweed crisps are naturally gluten-free, vegan and only about 100 calories a bag. A perfect option for a wholesome snack, the crisps contain minerals, vitamins are a source of iodine which helps support cognitive function and functioning of the nervous system. If that wasn’t enough, 1% of all sales go towards charities in support of environmental causes. 

Price: £1.29

Stockists: Abakus Foods online.

3. For a Nourishing Lunch: Re:Nourish Soup

5 Foods to Eat This Winter, 5 healthy Foods to Eat This Winter, food products for winter, winter food products

What: Winter lunches have just got better thanks to Re:Nourish’s new range of hearty soups that can be heated and drunk on the go straight from the bottle. 

Why: Re:Nourish has hit our shelves with an innovative new soup range that you’ve never eaten before. Served in bottles that can be heated (although they can be consumed cold), re-sealed and tucked back in your bag on the go sans spill. The soups come in three flavours with a particular health benefit in mind to help you be your best this winter. Take your pick from warming roasted carrot and ginger packed full vitamins, fibre, protein and minerals, kale, spinach and turmeric that’s here to look after your immune system and tomato, basil and passion flower to help you de-stress and feel zen. All bottles are fully sustainable and all soups are dairy-free, low-fat, plant-based and gluten-free.  

Price: £2.89

Stockists: Waitrose and Planet Organic as well as other independent shops. 

4. For Indulgent and Healthy Chocolate: Raw Halo Chocolate

5 Foods to Eat This Winter, 5 healthy Foods to Eat This Winter, food products for winter, winter food products

What: We all need a pick-me-up during the winter months and Raw Halo has got just the thing with its raw, vegan and feel-good bars of chocolate made from ethically sourced plant-based ingredients. 

Why: Raw Halo’s chocolate is a little piece of luxury on a cold dark evening. All chocolate bars are raw, vegan and sweetened with natural coconut sugar to create an indulgent but healthy sweet snack to enjoy. Chocolate lovers are spoilt for choice with Raw Halo’s 7 dark and 3 mylk flavours within its range and each one contains rich and fruity single-origin cacao that has been minimally processed to retain all the nutrients and flavour. Raw Halo’s newest editions to the range include an 85% dark chocolate: dark raspberry, dark & Himalayan pink salt, mylk and vanilla, dark & mint and a bestselling mylk and salted caramel. 

Price: £1.10 for a 22g bar, £1.99 for a 35g bar and £2.99 for a 70g bar. 

Stockists: Waitrose, Ocado, Holland & Barrett, Harrods, Whole Foods, As Nature Intended, Planet Organic, Daylesford’s and Raw Halo online. 

5. For Keeping the Cold at Bay: PRESS Ginger Tonic Super Shot

5 Foods to Eat This Winter, 5 healthy Foods to Eat This Winter, food products for winter, winter food products

What: Arm yourself against lurking colds and flu this winter by stocking up on PRESS’ ginger tonic super shot. 

Why: Spicy, energising and full of vitamins, PRESS’ ginger tonic super shot is just the hardcore hit you need to flush out an approaching cold. One little bottle helps keep your gut healthy, ease digestion and ward off any harmful bacteria. The shot contains a powerful combination of ingredients,  including lemon juice, orange juice, cayenne powder, garlic juice oregano powder and of course, ginger juice of course. This little bottle may be small but the benefits are mighty and it’s the perfect tonic to add to your daily winter routine. 

Price: £3.00

Stockists: Ocado, Planet Organic, independent and high street retailers and PRESS stores and PRESS online.

6. For a Healthy Sharing Snack: Squirrel Sisters Raw Bites

5 Foods to Eat This Winter, 5 healthy Foods to Eat This Winter, food products for winter, winter food products

What: Snuggle up with a sharing bag of Squirrel Sisters Raw Bites this winter for a delicious chocolatey snack that’s healthy and nutritious. 

Why: Health and wellness brand, Squirrel Sisters, has recently launched its sharing bag of bite-sized chocolate nibbles, Raw Bites, so you can share the love (or not) with a friend or two this winter. Passionate about snacks that make you feel good outside and in, Squirrel Sisters has ensured that its Raw Bites are free from any added sugar. Instead, it uses whole dates to bind sweeten the chocolates to make a genuinely healthy snack. Stuffed with vitamins, minerals and fibre, these tasty Raw Bites are vegan, raw and gluten-free so you will have a hard time keeping them to yourself. 

Price: £2.75

Stockists: Waitrose

7. For a Drink to Help You Sleep: Pukka Herbs Night Time Latte

Pukka Herbs Night Time Latte

What: As the nights draw in, what better way to stay warm than with a mug of Pukka Herb’s new organic, plant-based and caffeine-free Night-Time latte? 

Why: Herbal tea royalty, Pukka Herbs have launched a new latte, Night Time, to help you relax in the evenings. This healthy, luxury plant-based blend contains organic and gluten-free oats and nutty carob bean high in calcium to help maintain strong bone density. Infused into the mix is a herbal tonic of lavender and chamomile, ashwagandha and nutmeg which helps relieve stress and promote sleep. Simply add to milk (almond is recommended) to create a smooth, creamy night-time drink with a malty taste hinting notes of nut and chocolate. It’s the perfect pre-bedtime drink.  

Price: £4.99

Stockists: Holland & Barrett, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, independent health food shops and online at Amazon.

8. For a Snack that Gives Back: SUNMO Plantain Crisps

SUNMO Plantain Crisps

What: SUNMO’s plantain crisps give back in more ways than one. 

Why: SUNMO’s all-natural plantain crisps are delicious, hand-cooked gluten-free and vegan but that’s not all. Inspired by founder Victoria Omobuwajo’s own Nigerian heritage, each packed purchased provides a meal for an orphaned child in Nigeria. These plantain crisps are made with the fewest ingredients possible to create a healthier snacking alternative to traditional crisps. All vegan and gluten-free, these crisps come in a range of four flavours. Choose from a SUNMO’s original naturally sweet plantain crisps, sea salt, smoked chilli and sweet cinnamon for a snack that caters to all tastebuds. 

Price: £1.89

Stockists: Selfridges Food Hall and Whole Foods Market