If you have been working hard all day or have had a lot to do, the last thing that you might want to do is cook something. This means you might well be heading for the takeaway menu to see what takes your fancy.

However, apart from the main meals, what desserts can you have that are easy and need no work? Let us take a look at the five best desserts to get delivered to your home or office when you are feeling lazy.


 One of the easiest desserts to get delivered has to be doughnuts. There’s always the option of Crosstown doughnut delivery, for example, which gives you a wide range of flavours to choose from. This makes doughnuts a versatile option because you can choose one that you like at the time depending on your tastes.

Doughnuts can also have other elements added to them such as fruit, ice cream or melted chocolate. You can get both filled doughnuts and simple ring versions that can be mixed with other things if desired.

You can also get non-traditional types, such as fingers which are glazed and easy to dip into a sauce.


Pancakes are another versatile dessert, but they are often used as the base for other toppings instead of having different fillings, as is the case with doughnuts. The type of pancake that you have is also dependent on which style you prefer.

Traditional thin pancakes are arguably the best-loved in the UK. They are often eaten on ‘pancake day’ with a variety of toppings. There are also other styles such as the American pancake, which is smaller and slightly thicker. Scotch pancakes are similar to the American type.

All of these varieties of pancakes lend themselves well to adding toppings of all types. Although most toppings will be sweet such as Maple syrup, cream and fruit, there are also recipes for savoury pancakes.


Another favourite for many people, the cheesecake is one of those desserts that can be changed by adding different toppings and other ingredients into the cheesecake itself.

Many varieties have a simple fruit sauce poured on top to add more flavour. However, there are many alternatives. Some come with a ginger-infused biscuit base that adds another dimension to the flavour.

However, it is the ingredients inside that can make all the difference. You can have chocolate flavour cheesecakes or ones with a vanilla and chocolate layer covered by a chocolate sauce topping.

There are two distinct types of cheesecake: a chilled version that isn’t cooked at all, and a baked version that is often firmer and denser than the chilled ones.

Although cheesecakes are a staple dessert in many restaurants, it is a good idea to try and find ones that have something special about them.


Tiramisu is another dessert that has often been the favourite one at the restaurant. It is a simple dessert that has a coffee taste with cream and chocolate.

Just like cheesecake, however, some chefs and bakers have developed this traditional dessert so that it has a more contemporary taste. If you are the adventurous type, then you will want to see if you can find some of these other types of tiramisu.

However, if you want a more traditional version, you can often find those in Italian restaurants. These will have been prepared in the traditional way and have an authentic flavour.

Ice cream

One of the most versatile desserts you can hope to find, ice cream is not only a dessert in itself, but also an amazing accompaniment to many other desserts.

You only have to visit your local ice cream parlour to see the myriad flavours that are now available. There are favourites such as chocolate, mint choc chip, and strawberry, but there are now also other flavours, some of which might be a shock. These include bacon, tomato, and chilli.

For many people who are looking for a simple yet unique dessert, ice cream is still a consistent winner.


There are many fine desserts to choose from. So, why not take a look at the takeaway menu at your own favourite establishment, or even on their website or app, to see what delicious treats they have on offer?