When you think beer cocktail you might think shandy; a hefty splash of cheap lemonade, to top up some unsuspecting lager. The type of tipple to sip gingerly of an afternoon, or to delay the onset of a terrifying hangover.  You might even think snakebite, a dangerous half beer, half cider concoction, and quite frankly the easiest way to obliterate any inhibition or limb control.

Back in the day, when hems dragged in the mud, peasants and merry men would indulge in ‘poppins. Using hard-liqueur to spice up their daytime staple: beer. With a rapid surge in craft brewing and distilling, our ancestor’s invention can no longer be ignored.

We see beer cocktails as a peace-maker. The perfect middle-ground for beer drinkers, cocktail sippers, and beer sceptics alike. Let me run you through our top five beer cocktails that we’re mixing up in the office:

1. The Shimmy Shandy


What: With plenty of zest and fizz, this cocktail is as refreshing as a skinny dip, but with the risk factor of a stroll in the park.

Why: This American lager is a must try. A light and golden beer, with just enough bite to stand strong in the mix. Dixie’s hint of bitterness, perfectly balances the sweet elderflower.

Make: stir together 30ml elderflower cordial, 200ml Belvoir handmade lemonade, the juice of a lime. Pour into two sturdy ice-filled glasses and top up with chilled DIXIE Lager (5.3%abv)

2. Posh Tarts Raspberry Tango

Curious Brew (plain bottle without reflection)

What: The perfect pre-dinner sipper. A cocktail that takes inspiration from one of those chintzy little Kia Royal things, but with added spunk.

Why: A fantastically English lager crafted by English wine extraordinaires, Chapel Down. Like their sparkling stuff, the beer is twice fermented, making it bubbly and luscious. The perfect fizz factor for this decadent tipple.

Make: 40ml Chambord, 20ml Cointreau, juice of a lemon, 10-15 fresh raspberries.Whiz all of the ingredients together with a blender. Strain into 4 champagne flutes. Top up with well chilled Curious Brew (4.7% abv)

3. The Largerita


What: A twist on an all-time classic tipple. If you have had one too many tequila slammers in your time don’t be put off, this is a simple spring sipper. I recommend serving this with plenty of cocktail umbrellas, in salt rimmed goblets.

Cocktails 2

Make: mix together the: juice of two limes, 50ml Blanco Tequila, 30ml Orgeat- An almond liquor, that is definitely worth a punt. Pour over the ice filled glasses and top up with a chilled slosh of Marston’s REVISIONIST Lager (4%).

Why: This refreshing lager is part of a new range of craft beers, from a well trusted and quintessentially British brand. An easy-drinker, with subtle and refreshing citrus and orange marmalade flavours. A cool down cocktail, to revive you after a hard day at work.

4. Motorised Mojito

High res Rum Finish

What: The Mojito is the UK’s favourite cocktail. This mix is one to enjoy before stepping onto a light up dance floor and convincing yourself that you move like Beyoncé.

Why: This rich brew is undoubtedly Edinburgh’s finest, matured over rum infused wood barrels, to produce a deeply fruity, spiced tipple. The Rum Finish ensures that the cocktail is silky smooth, yet refreshingly citrusy.

Make: Juice of a lime, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, handful of mint, 40ml Captain Morgan’s Rum, 20ml Cointreau. Muddle together the mint, lime juice and brown sugar in a large glass, add the spirits. Pour into two large, ice-filled tumblers and top up with Innis and Gunn Rum Finish (6.8% abv).

5. Bloody, Bloody Murder


What: Warning – not one for the faint hearted. This mix is a cheeky Mexican, with plenty of moustache. An alternative to the Bloody Mary, but with double the Bloody and Gin.

Why: The IPA is powerful, but energising. Cutting through the gin, to provide a tropical edge, and just hint of dryness. Depending on how you look at it, this cocktail will  aggravate or alleviate a hangover.

Make: Mix together Tabasco (as many drops as you dare), 6 drops of Worcestershire Sauce, juice of half a lime, 50ml of Tanqueray Gin. Divide between two ice filled glasses and top up with Brew Dogs Punk IPA (5.6% abv)


So take the time this week to concoct a twist on a classic, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

*Each recipe makes enough for two. Or for one, if you’re really, really thirsty.