For the past decade or so, smartphones have become handier in people’s everyday lives. This handiness is true not only for our entertainment but also for accessing the Internet to find valuable information quickly and effectively. Easy access to information and entertainment is why mobile phones have been increasingly helpful for our holidays.

And that’s reasonable. From handy travel apps to user-friendly web browsers, there’s little if anything that mobile phones can not help us with. A recent survey shows that more than 65% of people rely on their mobile devices when travelling. In this article, we will look at the main reasons why this is the case. Without further ado, let us get straight to the point.

Smartphones and travelling: handy and leisure apps

Whether you own an iOS, Android or Windows smartphone, in 2022, you’ll have access to millions of apps to help you solve problems and save time. Nothing is left out from mobile games to communication, productivity, and entertainment apps. So, it’s reasonable to take all the apps you use in your everyday life with you while on holiday.

Think of examples like social media apps and games. Suppose someone is accessing, for example, the 32Red Casino news daily to read the latest information about their favourite games. In that case, they won’t have any problem doing that from their smartphone while on holiday. Online casinos were some of the first businesses that developed mobile-friendly apps in recent years. Mobile-friendly apps result in an immersive mobile experience for users, which is ultimately convenient during travels. The same is true for social media apps like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Also, multiple apps allow people to find helpful information about the city they’re about to visit. For example, if you need to find the best organic restaurants in London, multiple mobile-friendly websites and apps can help you. Accordingly, checking the weather from your mobile phone in 2022 is easier than ever before and happens with just one click.

Yet, there’s a type of app widely used by most (leisure and business) travellers worldwide, and for a good reason. That is, map and GPS navigation applications. Let’s find out why this genre of mobile phone apps is probably the most useful for travellers.

Map and GPS navigation apps have replaced traditional maps for tourists

For years, bringing a map with you when going on your trips was necessary. Well, this isn’t the case anymore. Mobile phones allow us to access a fully-functional and comprehensive map app like Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc.

With such an app, travellers have the chance to quickly find the directions they need and visit landmarks or restaurants in no time. Apps such as these are handy while organising a trip as well. Say you’ve just picked one of the best European destinations and plan your trip. By downloading a map app, you can easily find all the places you’d like to visit in that destination, mark them, and personalise your experience.

So, this is an application type that travellers prefer using for obvious reasons: it is easy to use, free and helps with travel planning. But, there’s another reason why using such an app while travelling has become popular. And that’s the evolution of cellular data technology.

Cellular data: Anywhere, anytime

More than 80% of travellers decide what to see and do only after arriving at their destination. A few years ago, it would be hard to organise your trip from your smartphone, especially while travelling. Well, that’s not the case in 2022. People now have the chance to use their mobile phone’s cellular data anywhere.

The signal is more vital than ever before as most countries support 5G connections. On the same account, cellular data international plans are now much more affordable. No matter where you’re travelling to, in 2022, you have the chance to browse the web from your mobile phone with minimal cost.

Of course, most hotels and public spaces (e.g. coffee shops) also offer Wi-Fi to their customers, making the process even easier. You can easily access navigation apps, search engines like Google, restaurant review webpages, and weather apps without any hassle. Finally, mobile phones have become necessary for travellers because of their enhanced hardware capabilities.

2022 and beyond: Smartphones have become pocket-sized computers

In 2022, smartphones can easily replace a computer. People use them as more portable laptops or tablets. As we’ve seen, multiple apps can help you communicate, socialise and find information.

From having your digital plane ticket to checking in and looking at the weather, nothing is left out. So, why would someone need anything other than their smartphone when travelling?

This proliferation of mobile apps is why fewer people need a laptop while travelling for leisure. There aren’t any tasks you can’t complete via your smartphone in 2022. And the future seems to be very bright for smartphones as well. Numerous apps are developed every day to help people plan their holidays and make their life easier while travelling.