Wellcum FKK Sauna Club is a place where our male guests feel free to take pleasure and entertainments. We have a huge resort located in Hohenthurn, which is a pleasant town near to the Italian border.

Where we are?

You can reach our resort from Kärntnerstraße or “Gewerbegebiet Hohenthurn” – a park situated along the Arnoldstein motorway exit on the Arnoldstein direction.

Our full address is Flussstraße, 1. It is better to follow the directions as our location is not pointed out correctly by GPS navigators.


We have a Spa, Club, Restaurant, Hotel and outdoor facilities. View our 7000 m2 resort photos in the Gallery at our website wellcum.at.

The FFK Spa is a nice place to have some rest. Our masseurs are qualified female guests, which will provide you with relax and steadiness.

Our Club is opened till the morning hours. Feel free to get new connections during our night events or enjoy live shows from gorgeous girls visiting our resort.

The Restaurant is a good place to refresh or conduct a classic date on demand with our female guests.

Hotel is opened 24/7 and you can book rooms either via the website form or a phone call. We have outstanding double hotel rooms from 119 Euro per night.

We have a gigantic pool with all necessary facilities to take sun baths and outdoor bar.

Our Conditions


Once you visit the Wellcum FFK Club you should know that a whole day access costs 85 Euro. This fee includes free non-alcoholic drinks, access to all spa-resorts and outdoor facilities.

We provide special events for our guests – from exotic Arabian nights to Euro 2016 football games translations.

Once you decided to have a party in an unusual place, why don’t contact us? We will provide with a memorable experience and 100% satisfaction.

Our male guests are also free to communicate with our female guests in an atmosphere of intimacy. 

Our Female Guests

There are many beautiful and proficient women in FKK Club, and all of them are here to provide you with pleasure and entertainments. Although, one should know that meeting conditions and all other issues are under discussions. Female guests of FKK resort are self-employed individuals and all the financial and other issues arisen are on them.

Besides, male guests are assured that there are only professional and experienced women, which won’t irritate you with unsuitable demands.

One can take a look on women attending our resort on the service website. Looking at the photos in Gallery one can make a conclusion that having some time with such girls is an outstanding experience.