Travelling is one of the most common things that usually make people happy. Either you are travelling to the nearby city or flying to the remote places, the spirit of freedom and natural curiosity will definitely elevate your mood to the highest possible level. However, many people still think that travelling is unaffordable due to expensive flights and luxury hotels. We are going to break this popular stereotype with a list of top best tips from experienced travellers for travelling with a limited budget:

Plan your trip. Did you know that buying tickets a few months before the flight can save you up to 40% of the ticket cost? Just choose the desirable destination and monitor the prices on the regular basis. Furthermore, there are numerous apps and websites that are ready to help you to pick up the date of flight with minimum costs.

Travel off-season. There is nothing new that most hotels boost their prices for high seasons. Dreaming about visiting New York or Paris on Christmas?  Just go there a couple of weeks after holidays! No worries, the pleasant festive atmosphere and decorations will be still there. However, most types of accommodation will be significantly cheaper. If you are planning to visit some exotic countries, make sure you are not arriving during its public holidays.

Book airport parking beforehand. In case you are planning to leave your car in the airport parking, make sure you’ve booked it in advance. Taking the parking place for a day is usually much more expensive.

Avoid travelling without travel insurance. You definitely need to obtain travel insurance, even if you are absolutely confident with your state of health. Note: taking the annual insurance is often cheaper than taking it for a certain period of time.

Avoid working or studying during your travel. On the one hand, your work is likely to spoil your weekend. On the other hand, solving all your problems while staying at home will save you from a waste of money. If you are an office worker, just leave your laptop and relax. If you are a student, make sure to receive all the needed credits. However, if you do not have time for all the subjects, try using a coursework writing service to cope with all the issues in a matter of minutes.

Save money on currency exchange rates. Using a debit card is usually less expensive than the credit card. Moreover, you are likely to pay for each cash withdrawal during your stay abroad. That is why it’s a good idea to charge larger sums to avoid paying this commission. However, do not store all your money in one single place and watch for your pockets and bags.

Try a private room or hostel instead of hotel. Tired of all these expensive, but similar rooms in the hotel chains? Just try to find a private room! Every city offers a wide range of different accommodation options that are likely to cost you almost nothing.

Eat local food. Trying new cuisines is a nice and mouthwatering part of every trip. However, numerous restaurants and cafes in the city centers cannot be the option for a modest budget. First of all, find a street market or go to the local supermarket to buy the local fruits and delicacy. In this case, the prices for the same menu will be much lower.

Avoid buying paper guides. Just use your smartphone in full! Download the needed maps, travel guides and dictionary to your device and save money for buying all these things in paper

Can You Travel With Kids?

Travelling with kids can be absolutely great! However, there are just a few peculiarities that should be taken into account while visiting new places with your children. First of all, make sure to have some extra time before the flight or moving from A to B. Kids are usually much more slowly than adults and require more time for investigation and adaptation to the new surroundings.

The second obvious, but extremely important thing is to book everything in advance. Tired and hungry toddlers can sometimes become unbearable: make sure to make frequent stops and avoid planning long routes. These small tricks will help you to arrange a great holiday that will become a pleasant and unforgettable experience for both kids and adults.

As far as you can see, travelling to any destination can be surprisingly affordable. Don’t waste your time, visit new places, make friends and stay positive even with a limited budget!