Kiev. The city, which is known not only for being an important industrial centre of Europe but also for being an inexhaustible source of beautiful landscapes, architecture wonders, great food, and leisure activities to any taste. The city offers multiple cathedrals, cafes, shopping malls, museums, botanical gardens, local beaches, extreme sports, etc. Kiev is a real boon for active tourism.

The city has two international airports – Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) and Boryspil International Airport, which serves hundreds of international flights everyday. The passengers from Riga Kiev, Amsterdam Kiev, Munich Kiev, Istanbul Kiev, Tbilisi Kiev, and London Kiev flights land here every hour. Kiev welcomes foreigners with international competitions and festivals, concerts and performances, conferences and exhibitions. The local landscapes of the Dnipro river attract people to go hiking or to ride a bike.

So, what can you do as a tourist while visiting Kiev?

Top 5 Things to Do in Kiev


  • Eat and drink. Where else can you try a traditional Ukrainian cuisine if not in Kiev? There are legends about famous Ukrainian borscht, salo, and pampushky. Kiev has hundreds of modern, traditional cafes, restaurants, pizza houses, and pubs, where you can feel the taste of the country. So, definitely treat yourself to a substantial lunch after a long and exhausting flight.
  • Visit at least 1 museum. Kiev has plenty of museums and historical places to the taste of anyone. You can choose among St. Sophia’s Cathedral (recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Program), a House with Chimaeras, St. Michael’s Monastery, or take a ride to the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine – Pyrohiv (12 km south of Kiev).
  • Check out popular extreme activities. Kiev offers a range of activities for those who are looking for adrenaline. Visit X-Park to rent a jet ski, boat, and quad bike, or to play a mini-golf, mini-football, and paintball. Or visit one of the biggest aquaparks in Ukraine. Parents with children can take a swim with dolphins, seals, and sea lions in the local dolphinarium. The most courageous people can go to Bungee Center Kiev and take the jump.



  • Enjoy art in one of the local galleries. Kiev is rich in art places and exhibitions. The most famous art places are Pinchuk Art Centre, Art Arsenal, Gapchinska Gallery, Nebo Art Gallery, and Brucie Collections Photography Gallery. The projects and exhibitions of these places always arouse interest among visitors and journalists. The works of the world’s most talented and famous artists are presented in the galleries all year round. Some of them are charge free.
  • Go shopping. You can’t leave Kiev without a traditional Ukrainian vyshyvanka, which is conquering the hearts of fashionistas all over the world. Here you can buy the original vyshyvanka with traditional unique patterns, which can’t be found even in the most expensive boutiques in Paris.


Kiev is definitely one of the best touristic destinations in Eastern Europe.