Morocco is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and religions and it is only a stone’s throw from Europe. With its hodgepodge of colourful bazaars, camel rides, perfect waves, Saharan sands, fascinating medinas, couscous dishes, tagine, mint tea and bold flavours, Morocco has become the most preferred getaway destination as soon as it starts getting colder in the Old Continent.

Morocco is the place of the right-hand point break where most of the waves in its coastlines are very user-friendly, even the more difficult ones. This is a surfer’s paradise but more than just that, this is one of the best places on the planet where you can experience both culture and adrenaline pumping adventures if you know where the right place to go.

Original Surf Morocco at Tamraght

Whether or not it’s the surfing season, among the key places to visit in Morocco is Tamraght. Tamraght is a quaint, berber fishing village located on a hillside that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean about fourteen kilometers north of Agadir. This is an old fashion fishing community where a mishmash of the old and new is ever present. The community has grown over the years and is popular among the Europeans looking for inexpensive second homes under the sun. This is also home to Original Surf Morocco, a bona fide Moroccan surf camp that provides world class surfing classes, yoga sessions, comfortable accommodation, and authentic Moroccan cuisine.

The Original Surf Morocco Experience

Situated in Tamraght village about 15km north of Agadir, Original Surf Morocco has a view over some of the village’s most famous surfing spots and legendary beaches. Original Surf Morocco is perched right in the middle of an emerging surfing scene. With Tamraght’s two famous surf breaks, the Devil’s Rock and Banana Point, it has the right waves for all levels against a spectacular backdrop. This is also less crowded compared to Taghazout that is now gradually becoming a tourist trap.

The idea of Original Surf Morocco is very straightforward: you arrive as a guest and leave as part of the Original Surf family. The team blends together the perfect combination of Original Surf various surfing and yoga holiday packages designed to let you experience a one of a kind adventure with pure relaxation in mind under the Moroccan sun.

Food and Accommodations

There’s no better way to experience local Moroccan culture than sampling its cuisine and experiencing the local hospitality. Moroccan cooking has its own place in the world’s gourmet cuisine history and you can experience it all here at Original Surf Morocco. From various couscous dishes to colorful tagines and a wide array of North African delicacies, the in-house chef at the surf camp ensures hungry visitors are treated to sumptuous assortment of local food made from fresh local ingredients.

The accommodation is a whole different story. Every room here has that has distinctive Moroccan style interiors with comfortable beds whether it’s a double room or a shared room. Even if you share the guest house with other surfers and visitors, the relaxed atmosphere allows you to enjoy the all comforts of a far-away home with exotic ambiance and space.

Activities and Adventures at Original Surf Morocco

Known in the community for delivering traditional Moroccan hospitality, Original Surf Morocco is more than just a conventional surfing camp. Once you are in there, you will experience a very special atmosphere and an inclusive vibe that will make you feel like part of the family. Every tour package is a blend of surfing and yoga with rich cultural immersions that will let you experience local Moroccan cuisine, tours and activities around charming Agadir province.

Original Surf Morocco is the best place to enjoy a combination of yoga and surfing holiday like no other. Everything else is included and all you have to think about is how to enjoy the most of your stay and pack it all in a five-day trip. You can also enjoy a surf guiding package if you want to discover the best surf spots Morocco has to offer. Surf coaching is the most popular choice for beginners and intermediate surfers where they can learn how to surf or improve their surfing skills while having loads of fun in a safe and controlled environment.

When you return from any of your planned activities, you’re welcomed with freshly made hot cups of tea or juicy oranges depending on your choice. The cheerfully social nature of Moroccan cuisine comes out and if you think you have experienced it all, you are completely wrong.

From day 1 until your scheduled return trip, Original Surf Morocco will make you feel you could not have chosen a better place. The experience is hugely social and the entire team could not have been warmer, and more helpful, making your Moroccan trip a memory to cherish. Original Surf Morocco is a sensory overload with no rhyme and reason but perfect as it is.