The weekend is a fantastic time for a single person to enjoy life and to do something completely different. The idea of going away on an adventurous trip may be somewhat daunting at first but a skiing trip could turn out to a brilliant way to liven up the weekend.

Of course, single travellers can enjoy a ski break in some exciting ways that not everyone else can. The following are some great ideas to consider before making a trip like this.

Find the Local Party Scene


The chance to enjoy some après ski is one of the highlights of a skiing trip for many of us. For instance, the best French Alps resorts are packed with tons of amazing bars, pubs and restaurants that you will love.

If you want a glorious weekend of partying and having fun then it makes sense to check out details of the best après ski spots around the world and in your destination before you leave. Some resorts have a few lively pubs and a relaxed bar or two, while others also have sizzling night clubs where the action carries on until late.

If you are planning on heading to the French Alps then some of the best resorts for finding a good party scene are Morzine, Les Gets and Meribel. However, wherever you end up going to, it is likely that you have a great time in the evenings.

You will feel great when you head into work on Monday after a couple of days of relaxation and tremendous fun far from home.  

Make New Friends

The pistes and the bars of good ski resorts are also fine places to meet some new friends. The people who travel to ski resorts for weekend breaks are typically friendly and sociable types.

Even if you are quite happy to travel on your own, it is still always good to know that there are friendly people nearby whenever you want a chat. You might even find that you make long-lasting friendships with the other skiers that you meet while you are here.

There are usually plenty of opportunities to make new friends when you have a couple of days to enjoy this sort of break. Most of the main ski resorts are pretty compact places, so you are likely to see the same faces over and over again during the weekend.   

If making friends is a priority for you then you could look at staying in one of the busier and livelier resorts. You can easily book a quality break online by looking at the accommodation choices at, for example.

Get Some Time Alone


We all need some time alone now and then, no matter how sociable we normally are. In this respect, a short ski break can be perfect for enjoying the peace and tranquillity of a wonderful spot.

Whether you want to enjoy the views, take some pictures or think over some issues, being in a cool ski resort high in the snowy mountains is absolutely ideal. You will definitely feel far away from the stresses and strains of normal life once you get out here.

Spending time alone in a place like this is a fabulous way to recharge your batteries. You could spend an evening on the balcony of your hotel, enjoy a cappuccino with a good book or just go for a stroll through the town if you like.

These are fantastic towns for someone who has time on their hands and wants to just soak up the feeling of being somewhere special for a day or two.

Try Some Extreme Sports

This sort of trip doesn’t just need to be all about skiing if you want to spend your time doing other stuff as well. If you want to try out some other sports then you will find that most good ski resorts offer an impressive variety of things to do.

Maybe you will try snowboarding or else give ice climbing or snowshoeing a try. Alternatively, you could look fir paragliding options in the town, go dogsledding or else check out the other extreme sports that are available in and around the resort.

This is an exhilarating and unforgettable way of adding something fresh and exciting to your trip. You will love the feeling of rushing over the snow or gliding through the air in such a spectacular setting.

Enjoy Eating Alone

Anyone who has never travelled alone possibly isn’t aware that eating alone can be one of the great pleasures in life. Sitting down in a nice restaurant with a plate of tasty food and all the time in the world is an unbeatable feeling.

The best ski resorts are well known for offering a terrific variety of places to eat in style. You can enjoy stunning views, try some different dishes and maybe read a book or look through your photos in peace.

You might find the perfect restaurant or café soon after arriving and head there every time that you feel hungry. Otherwise, you could decide to go for a lot of variety and check out a new place every time.

Either way, you will head home with a lot of great memories of the peaceful, relaxing time that you spent sampling new dishes and enjoying this feeling of freedom.

Get Pampered for a Couple of Days

You might not associate skiing trips with getting pampered but it is definitely a possibility worth bearing in mind. If you feel that your mind and body are in need of a treat then getting pampered in a lovely ski town for a couple of days is pretty much ideal.

Perhaps the simplest and most popular approach to doing this is to check into a good quality hotel where you know that you can have a great time relaxing and being looked after. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being well looked after in a hotel that makes you feel at home right from the start.

Other ways to get this very special pampering include going shopping, dressing up to go to the casino and going for spa sessions. Getting a massage, a facial treatment or any other type of spa session is going to leave you feeling on top of the world.

There are some wonderful spa hotels in the French Alps where you can get the sort of treatment that you crave in a setting to die for.

Treat Yourself

Maybe the simplest way to sum up is to say that going on a ski weekend is the ideal way for a single person to treat themselves to something very special. If it has been some time since you treated yourself then this is a recommended way of doing it.

Don’t let the work routine or hassles at home make you lose your zest for life. By treating yourself to a magical ski weekend you can ensure that you feel the joy of living once again.

All in all, a ski break is just about the best way possible for a single person to enjoy their weekend to the maximum. By doing this you get to enjoy some of the finer things in life and come home refreshed and feeling great.