This year, a new wave of digital communities is set to become the next big fitness trend according to Freeletics – the leading Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching app. From gamification in fitness to the growing use of smart technology to enhance workout performance, Freeletics predicts 2022’s hottest fitness trends. 

1. Gamification in Sports – By Training Experience Manager, Dr. Kianoush Missaghi

The Lowdown: Gamification in sports and fitness refers to the integration of gaming mechanics to motivate, improve engagement and consequently keep users coming back for more. Through the activation of some of the brain’s strongest positive reinforcement loops, gamification will make exercise more enjoyable so that users see it as less of a chore and something that they look forward to on a regular basis. This will greatly aid in offering the right dose of motivation to build a sustainable routine and help users continuously level up. 

Along the same lines, gamification as a method to boost motivation will also change the way some people view fitness and transform the sentiment of “I have to workout” to “I want to workout.” 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Evident in new offerings, like STAEDIUM by Freeletics, this growing trend has the ability to make exercise more fun while creating a sense of friendly yet fierce competition.

2. The Growing Use of Smart Technology to Enhance Workout Performance – By Lead Data Scientist, Simon Alger

The Lowdown: It is clear that fitness technology is ever-evolving. From seamless tracking devices to next-generation motion monitoring, we are now able to easily analyse our workout performance to optimise efficiency and enjoyment.  

Available at our fingertips, this hyper-personalised tracking technology closes the gap between analogue sport and the digital world and further enables hybrid competition systems to enhance the modern training experience.

This developing trend of smart technology will offer users the opportunity to unleash their full training potential and also pave the way for more personalised fitness experiences in the future.

3. The Power of the Hybrid Community – By Training Experience Manager & Mind Coach, Vanessa Gebhardt

The Lowdown: It’s official, 2022 will be the year of the hybrid community. Although it is evident that the pandemic has brought back a need for in-person meetups, it has also paved the way for digital communities to thrive. When it comes to fitness, these hybrid groups will help people to stay consistent with their workouts and motivated to keep going, even on their off days. In addition, the sense of camaraderie received from peers will help them prioritise healthy habits that last throughout the whole year.

In 2022, this trend will continue to grow, empowering the industry to move towards more hybrid solutions that support the increasing need for flexibility and fitness freedom. 

The global Freeletics community of over 52 million users offers the support and encouragement needed for fitness enthusiasts of varying levels and lifestyles to become better, healthier versions of themselves. From in-person community training sessions and bootcamps to new in-app challenges and features, 2022 will be a new year to redefine what it means to work out both together and independently. 

4. Visualisation for Improved Performance – By certified personal trainer and mindset coach Vanessa Gebhardt

The Lowdown: It’s no wonder that professional athletes use visualisation as a means of getting in the zone and enhancing performance. Research suggests that high-intensity exercise which incorporates a form of mindfulness can have positive effects on boosting your mood, improve your enjoyment of the workout, and help you maintain the connection between your body and mind. 

2022 will bring a series of exciting, new workouts that make users feel as if they are competitors in a game. For this reason, the practice of visualising success and achievement in competition will become increasingly popular.

New products like STAEDIUM by Freeletics will harness this mind-body connection with its gamification-powered workouts. Not only will users feel more in the zone during these training sessions, but they will also be having more fun than ever before and as a result more likely to stick with fitness routine and reap the benefits.