As soon as you mention wanting to get fit to one of your friends or family, they’re bound to say “oh, why don’t you join the gym?” Although the gym is undoubtedly one of the most glaringly obvious places to go to when you’re planning on getting fit, is it really for everyone? Not only is it a monthly financial commitment, but some people can’t think of anything worse than actually going to the gym three plus times a week. Weightlifting, high intensity classes and panting and sweating on a treadmill in the middle of a room full of people really doesn’t appeal to everyone out there, so what alternatives are there? Whether you’ve tried the gym and don’t like it, or just can’t afford that financial commitment right now, these top tips will help you along the way to getting fit and staying healthy.

When You Can, Walk

One of the easiest and most effective forms of exercise you can actually take part in, is the simple act of walking briskly and regularly. The recommended ten thousand steps that we’re all supposed to be doing every day in order to stay healthy may seem a little unobtainable, but have you actually considered there are times you could choose to walk rather than taking transport all of the time? Whether it be nipping to the shops, or meeting a friend for coffee, for a lot of people their first port of call is usually driving, and if they don’t drive, the bus. Now it’s not to say that if we’re in the middle of a torrential thunderstorm that you HAVE to walk everywhere, now that would just be silly, but if the weather isn’t too offensive, you’re not pushed for time and the destination isn’t too far away, why wouldn’t you opt for walking? It’s healthier for you, it gets you out in the fresh air, if you’re going for lunch it’ll burn the calories before you even consume them, and above all you’ll get fitter without even realising it.

Do Your Research

The internet is so rich in tips and advice in every category nowadays, that you’d be daft not to consider finding out some fitness tips and tricks by doing your online research. Like when you’re looking to do anything new or different, fully researching it in the initial stages is the best thing you can do. Although it’s a bit of a leap, for example, imagine you were looking for the best option for selling your house fast. What would be your first port of call? Well chances are you’d go to your preferred search engine, look up the several different methods of quick home sale, and then choose the one that’s best suited to you. So why should getting fit be any different? Use the internet to find new and creative ways of getting fit that interests you, and that are a million miles away from the gym. Once you’ve weighed up the options, try the ones that suit you and your lifestyle best, and you’re bound to find your preferred “work out” in no time.

Opt for the Stairs

If you’re one of the large proportion of people who work in an office, chances are that you spend a lot of your waking hours sat at a desk. Although this type of work is mentally tiring, chances are you are not using your body or raising your heartbeat as much as you should be. For a lot of us, our office buildings are several stories high. So instead of taking the lift like you tend to every day, why not start taking the stairs instead? This small amount of cardio every day really could change not only your fitness levels, but your mood and productivity at work too. Likewise, on your lunch hour, make sure to spend some time away from your desk. Whether that be going on a walk while you eat your lunch, or trying somewhere new – simply getting away will clear your mind and help your body.

Get Some Basic Fitness Equipment

Finally, if you like the idea of using gym equipment but don’t have the time/funds to commit to it, or simply don’t like the idea of going to the gym, invest in some basic fitness equipment. Whether that be dumbbells or a small stepper, working out from your home is a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to joining the gym, but with some of the same facilities.