We love summer – but the heat can cause our skin to break out, and our hair to have a mind of its own. Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin feeling healthy and refreshed, but if you want to take things one step further and combat acne and dull skin, we’ve discovered 3 ways to keep cool and your skin refreshed this summer.

1. For Super Sleek Hair: Errol Douglas Nanokeratin Treatment


What: It’s humid: we blow-dry our hair but yet it still looks pouffy, wild and dry.  What do we need? A Nanokeratin system, a step above the usual keratin treatments. While others coat, it penetrates. We went to the ‘King of Hair’, Errol Douglas MBE’s salon to have our hair revitalised and refreshed. The salon specialised in treating all kinds of hair; from European to Afro so I felt confident they would be able to handle my frizzy fro.

The Treatment: The goal of Nanokertain is to give a cashmere softness and shine to your hair. It puts amino acids back into hair, making it stronger, shinier and more hydrated. It involves lots of rounds of washing, blow-drying, coating but with none of the intense chemical smell of Keratin treatments. We recommend having yours done by the charming Joe, who is super quick and experienced. Well the truth with these things is after your first wash – and let me tell you my hair has completely transformed – it still has its personality but none of the attitude, and with a quick blow-dry, it looks salon fantastic. This treatment isn’t cheap, but long lasting (over 3 months) and well worth it.

Where: Errol Douglas salon, 18 Motcomb St, Belgravia, London SW1X 8LB

2. The Acne Facial: ZO Skin Red Carpet facial at Regents Park Aesthetics

What: No one likes to feel like a pizza face let’s be honest, and with the current changing climate in London from boiling to cold in one day, it isn’t just our clothing that is confused, our skin is too. Regents Park Aesthetics is a nurse-led clinic which deals with all kinds of demands (including ageing to acne) and is home to what we heard is one of the most effective acne facials.

The Treatment: ZO Skin Health started by Dr Zein Obagi are serious products of a medical grade capable of battling your acne. They make your skin work hard, so don’t be frightened by peeling and your skin seeming unhappy before it gets better. This treatment though is known as the red carpet facial, and there is absolutely no downtime required after, and you just walk out with healthy, glowing skin.

Where: Regents Park Aesthetics 19 Wimpole St, Marylebone, London W1G 8GE.

3. The Facial at Home: Dermoi 

What: The first (and only) service in the world to offer advanced facial treatments and resurfacing treatments outside of a clinical, medi-spa environment. You choose a facial from the treatment menu, and your local Dermoi therapist comes to your abode and selects the best course of treatment for your pores and in my case, little hard-to-budge spots.

The Treatment: There is something so luxe about a therapist showing up at your home with a little suitcase filled with potions to make you more glowing, and allows you to relax that bit more. I opted for the acne treatment which involved various masques, papaya smelling peels and my favourite part the vigorous massage to drain the surpisingly large amount of water retained in my cheeks.

Where: Your home. Book here.