The changing of the seasons is now upon us, as a cold and blustery winter gives way to the pallid but welcome sunshine of spring. This also triggers seminal shifts in the fashion market, as designers evolve and adapt their ranges to suit changing tastes and climates.

We have already seen this in earnest, with market leading fashion brands such as Givenchy and Calvin Klein having already launched new ranges of evening wear for spring 2016. These are inspiring a number of fashion and design trends in 2016, which in turn will impact on everything from the clothes that we wear to watches and items of jewellery.

What are the primary Fashion trends to look for in spring 2016?

If you are someone who likes to follow fashionable trends and use these to influence their looks, it is crucial that you understand what spring 2016 has in store. Here are three prominent trends to look for:

Silk will become the seminal Fabric this spring

Fashion image for angelica

While silk is often seen as an expensive fabric that can be difficult to work with, it is set to come into its own as a vibrant economic climate takes hold in spring 2016. We have already discussed how brands such as Givenchy and Calvin Klein have launched new ranges of evening wear this spring, and these have been dominated by sensual garments and delicate fabrics such as silk.

This suggests that this spring will be a season of elegance, and one that features spectacular evening wear and stylish, lightweight jackets.

Pink Gold and pastel shades will dominate accessories

In terms of accessories, the influence of mobile technology has popularised contemporary shades including pink gold and pastel shades. This is particularly true with timepieces, with Michael Kors watches from featuring spring products that are uniquely coloured and aesthetically pleasing. The use of these tones makes your choice of spring accessories easier than ever, as subtle and eminently stylish tones such as pink gold are extremely compatible with elegant evening wear and seasonal garments.

Vivid Colour will replace neutral shades

In general terms, spring clothing will benefit from a burst of colour during March, April and May this year. This is reflective of the re-emergence of sunshine after the winter period, as bold and vivacious shades replace the neutral tones that became popular in 2015.

Just as rose gold has been voted as the Pantone colour of the year in 2016, it is also hard to ignore the popularisation of vivid shades and rainbow clashes. This is also prominent in interior design too, where the use of two or more bold colours can bring even the most compact spaces to life.