For many women, facial hair is an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed. Many women suffer from it, either as a result of hormonal imbalances, the menopause or just because they are naturally hairy. Unfortunately, unwanted facial hair can be a real pain to get rid of. Some methods are time consuming or expensive, others are painful and unpleasant. Finding one which suits you isn’t always easy.

That’s why we’re bringing you our top tips for removing your unwanted facial hair at home. If you can’t afford to go to a beauty salon for a treatment or if you’re just too embarrassed to go and see a professional, there are lots of things that you can do to remove those stray hairs effectively yourself.

Shaving Your Face

Although shaving is one possibility, it isn’t always the best one for facial hair. Shaving cuts off the hair at the skin level and that means that it blunts the end of the hair. When it grows again, it will feel and look thicker and coarser and it will also reappear very quickly, usually within a day or two. That means you’ll need to keep shaving repeatedly which can cause rashes and unsightly blemishes.


Tweezers are a great solution if you only need to remove one or two stray hairs. If, for example, you have just one stray hair which grows out of your chin, you can simply pluck it out with your tweezers and then you won’t have to worry about it again for at least a week. Unfortunately, however, this isn’t a great idea if you have a lot of unwanted facial hair. Trying to pluck out lots of hairs one at a time is time consuming and painful.


Waxing is a great choice for facial hair. These days you don’t need to go to a professional salon since there are specialist facial waxing strips available in stores. Cold wax strips don’t even need to be heated up and can remove hair very effectively. Hot wax strips are just as easy to use and will remove hairs on your chin, upper lip or cheeks quickly and virtually painlessly. As an added advantage, the hair growth will take several weeks to return giving you plenty of time to forget about your unsightly problem.

Hair Removal Creams

There are now lots of very effective hair removal creams on the market which are designed for facial use. Most are suitable for use on sensitive skin and as they dissolve the hair at the root, you’ll have longer periods of being hair-free before you need to think about applying the cream again.

Facial Epilation

Although facial epilation sounds painful, in fact modern appliances make it relatively pain free. Very similar to using tweezers since epilators use the same technology, but designed to be used on larger areas for speed and convenience, there are now many epilators on the market which have an attachment designed specifically for facial use so you can be sure of an impressive result. Since epilators pull out the hair at the root you can enjoy long periods of time in between uses when you can benefit from hair free skin. Check out to find out more about using an epilator on your face to get rid of unwanted facial hair and learn how to choose the best one to suit your individual needs.


Threading is a great option if you have just a few unwanted hairs or if you want your eyebrows neatened up. Unfortunately, it isn’t really something that you can do yourself at home without training, so you would need to go to a professional to get this done. Luckily, threading is pretty cheap and since it’s very quick you can be in and out of the salon in under 15 minutes.

So, there you have your guide to the best methods for removing unwanted facial hair. You may need to try a few of these out before you find the best one to suit your own personal preferences and needs. However, once you’ve decided on the right one for you, you can enjoy having a smooth hair-free face.