If you’re in need of a strong dose of some healthy lovin’, we’ve tried and tested all the products below. And if you’re on a diet, try this. And we can confirm, they’ll perk you up in no time.

1. For a Health Splurge: DNA Fit 

What: DNAFit Test (from £99)

The Lowdown: Ok, we know this isn’t a product, it’s so much more. DNAFit is DNA testing to try and understand what our bodies need in terms of fitness and food. The procedure is simple: scrape the inside of your cheek first thing in the morning, send it off and two weeks later you will have a pretty riveting report about diet, fitness and your general health. From confirming my lactose intolerance to informing me my body is actually pretty happy at processing booze; it’s one big eye-opener. It will recommend that you might want to increase certain vitamins and decrease certain substances (bye bye copious amounts of soya sauce for me).

Why: Because there is just no point exercising everyday if you are doing your body way more damage than help. It will make you a more intelligent eater and exerciser. Plus you will feel a bit like athlete when the expert calls you to give the lowdown and consultation following your test results.

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2. For Vegan Protein: Form

What: Form Nutrition Protein (£24)

The Lowdown: Form are a vegan nutrition company that focus on plant based protein powders that move away from the intimidating ‘carb killers’ with their relaxing packaging (yes their packages look like a spa!) and non sickly, but delectable flavours. They also are mindful not just of our health, but the planet. For every product sold, Form donate a meal to someone in need. 

Why: Protein doesn’t have to be scary huge containers for burly bodybuilders. It can be a delicious plant based nourishing way of getting your energy, plus getting your fix of salted caramel. Win win. 

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3. For a Superfood Shot: BumbleZest Drinks

What: BumbleZest Drinks

The Lowdown: Founded by Daniel Watson, Bumble Zest began their journey in Daniel’s small Battersea garden as he grew herbs and started to make superfood based drinks. Their products are small shot bottles ranging from ginger tumeric collagen to matcha moringa ginseng, which can be consumed like a tequila shot or diluted into water. 

Why: More often than not, we do need our superfoods – and this is a non-faddy, carbon neutral, sound and decent product. On a tired day, we found the ginger and turmeric really pepped us and on a worried Monday afternoon, the chamomile lavender spirulina shot was a real calming comfort. 

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4. For Protein Powder: MissFit

What: MissFits Coffee Powder (from £24.99)

The Lowdown: MissFits want to reinvent protein powder for the gals; vegan friendly, containing no added sugar and no funky chemicals, MissFits is specifically targeted for women. Available in mixed berry, vanilla, chocolate and coffee flavour, MissFits were founded as an alternative to the bulking and meal replacement part of the market, and as a delicious treat to fuel your workouts or even just to perk you up mid afternoon.

Why: As an alternative to your bog-standard morning coffee, we recommend blending the coffee flavour with a banana and 300ml of water, or almond milk for a creamier texture. We love these packs, for when you know as your mum would say ‘you get caught short’, and are out and about with no options.  They are really moreish, and we found them great for when you couldn’t stomach full breakfast before your workout.

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5. For a Scientifically Solid Recipe Book: The Doctor’s Kitchen Cookbook 

What: The Doctor’s Kitchen Cookbook (£7.49)

The Lowdown: Dr Rupy Aujla is a London-based GP with a difference, he believes that plates of nutritious tasty food are the way to curing the public of their chronic health problems. There are no fads, no obsessive monologues about matcha, but scientifically based reasons to eat plants, and wow does he make them look good. Rupy knows from personal experience, after a heart condition plagued him in his junior doctor years, he passed on lifeless sandwiches and moved into a world of vibrant spicy, full flavoured hearty meals.

Why: There is so much propaganda out there about what we can and can’t eat, it’s reassuring to find someone who marries western medicine with a nutritional understanding. Rupy isn’t against criticising the lack of nutritional understanding by doctors, but he also doesnt want us to waste our money on useless supplements. The book contains  so many delicious recipes; from pistachio fennel and red cabbage slaw to spiced lime cauliflower and sweet potato bake with prawns.

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One for luck…

6. For a Super Blend: Naomi’s Kitchen 

What: ‘I AM superfood blends’ by Naomi’s Kitchen (£15)

The Lowdown: Naomi’s Kitchen in Monaco (side note: unexpected place for something other than casinos and big jewels) have created these scientifically smart blends. They mix the best superfoods and herbal adaptogens (the buzzword of health chat in 2018). There’s plenty of blends to choose from like the ‘I AM cleansed’ blend which aids a gentle detox, ideal after a boozy weekend, and the ‘I AM energised’ for when you’re feeling a bit snoozy.

Why: Because these blends aren’t gimmicks. They’re smart. Adaptogens are herbal compounds like certain roots, barks, berries, leaves and mushrooms that are mega powerful for immune systems and long term positivity for the body in terms of building resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue.

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