There is a lot of competition out there, so to help your product sell, it is vital that it stands out on the shelf to attract customers. To gain attention amongst customers, it needs to have something special. 

You could have the best product in the store, however, if the design of the packaging isn’t right, don’t expect many sales. Providing professional packaging that explains to the customers what exactly is inside is extremely important. Good packaging shows quality and value. Good packaging will help your product get noticed, and will help entice your customers to purchase your product. If you want to get your product into leading retail stores, the packaging is often the first thing they look at. If these stores don’t like your packaging the chances are they won’t sell your product. 

Not only will well designed packaging help your product get noticed, but it can also affect the price of the product. Professionally designed and well thought out packaging can help improve your profit margin on the product.

Don’t Over Complicate It

Imagine you are the customer, trying to squeeze in a trip to your local store into your busy day-to-day schedule. Often, time is not on the customer’s side, even if it is they don’t want to spend a long time staring at a product trying to figure out what it is and whether or not it is any good. In this day and age, very few people waste time in stores, so first impressions are vital when it comes to your product. Consumers tend to make quick decisions, so avoid overcomplicating your product.

If customers come across a product that is not clear and to the point, they will quickly move away from it and look for something else. 

However, if the potential customer enjoys what they see, and feel that the product manufacturer has worked hard creating this unique and special design, the chances of them spending their hard-earned money on the product are much higher. Poor packaging on the other hand looks bad on both the product and the manufacturer. People will feel like it’s a cheap product, and not worth spending money on. By making sure the design of the packaging is attractive, shows that you care about the quality of the product. 

Avoid using Generic Designs

Many companies worry that the cost of designing packaging and the material used cuts deep into their profit margins. Successful companies are fully aware of how a professional design should be seen as a long term investment. Chopping and changing your packaging will probably end up costing a lot more cash down the line. 

The packaging is a form of communication between the consumer and you. Making a good first impression is vital when you first meet someone, and there is very little difference when it comes to your customer’s first impression of your product. The impact of the customer’s first impression of your product can last a lifetime and it could also reflect positively or negatively on other products produced by the same manufacturer. 

Many companies like to save cash by using less expensive, generic designs. This form of packaging can give the customer a bad impression of the product, and you can expect the product to sit on the shelf for a long time. Going cheap and generic won’t help your product stand out, that’s why you rarely come across this form of packaging nowadays. Companies are well aware of the importance of high quality packaging, so much so that there are many products on the market that the packaging actually costs more than the product itself. Food companies are well known for using this system. 

You Don’t have to be a Large Company to Help your Product get Noticed 

Luckily, due to modern technology, there are plenty of new ways that help make your product stand out, even if your business is a one man show. Businesses like the Dutch Label Shop allow users to create their own hang tags and labels for their products. So, if you have a small clothing line, or perhaps you sell products like yoga mats or other exercise equipment, using a professional hang tag will help your product get noticed. You can easily design your own hang tag and upload it to the site. 

Not all products have packaging, so things like clothing items need to use something different. Some decide to sew on labels for clothing while others use a hang tag to promote the label and leave the clothing blank. The majority of clothing lines nowadays use well designed hang tags, normally displaying the manufacturer’s name and logo, price of the item, and size. 

Promote Your Product Online

Instead of hiring a marketing company, why not try to promote your product online yourself. There are lots of different ways to help you get your product noticed before the customer sees your product in a store such as:

  • Instagram: Social networking platforms are a great way of getting internet users to notice your product. Regular updates will help grow the number of followers you have and using the correct hashtags will help new people to find your page.
  • Website: There are lots of software packages and online programs that help you easily design a webpage for a product. Similar to packaging, don’t overcomplicate the site. Remember, the majority of people use smart devices to browse through the internet, so make sure your site is compatible on both computers and smart devices. 
  • WhatsApp, Email, and Social Media Messaging: There are a wide array of different ways online that customers make contact with you about your products. This is great for you and your customer, and you could also use these methods of contact to ask the customer what they think of your product, how you could improve it, and what changes they feel you could make. 
  • Online stores: Major online stores like eBay and AliExpress allow companies to sell their products through their site.

If a customer has come across your product on the internet before they see it in the store, there is a good chance they will pick your product up in the store. Making customers aware of your product is very important. 


By looking at some of the best products out there, it might be tempting to create something similar. You might be thinking if it has worked well for others, so why can’t it work for you. Although at first, you might find sales increasing, it’s not a good long term strategy to create a similar product and design to another product. The likelihood of the product becoming a generic supermarket brand is high. After a time, the product will end up blending in with the rest of the generic items in the store and you will see sales declining. Sometimes, doing the complete opposite to what your competitors will be the key to your products success.

Packaging and labeling, plus the information on the product can help you gain the consumer’s trust. If the company is transparent by providing all the information needed on the product, there is a strong possibility that the customer will purchase your product in the future. By providing lots of information on the label, it gives you more chances to engage with the customer.