I’m Instagram obsessed. Vodafone love me because I always go over my data allowance, I’m always the first to reply on Whatsapp group conversations and I’m probably following you, your brother, sister, aunt and uncle on some platform of social media. It’s important to remember Instagram is only a snapshot with a filter added of that persons perceived life, and a rather warped view of reality or genuine representation of what they’re up to, uploaded and hash tagged to buggery all for a few likes. This is the same for exercise, just because someone has upload a picture of a 20k run on a Sunday morning before you’ve even woken up shouldn’t be intimidating, or being able to bench press 100KG or talk about macros or ripping/shredding/bulking shouldn’t make you feel any less able. Everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t feel intimidated by Izabel Goulart’s latest Instagram video. It’s actually her job to have to be that hot otherwise she’d get fired, and Jodie Marsh did manage to get ridiculously ripped in six months. I can’t guarantee exercise will make you look like a Victoria’s Secret model. My point is, everyone has to start somewhere and if you aren’t seeing results yet treat this as a game with yourself, as you are your only competition.

Feeling motivated? Check out London’s finest gyms providing the most entertaining exercises to do this week:

1. For Personal Training: Eqvvs


Why: Eqvvs gym couldn’t make you feel more special, a bottle of water on arrival as well as a body consultation where you can discuss anything, up to diet, what you wish to change, problems, injuries, insecurities or advice. Considering it’s in such a high-end location, the space allows you to fling more than one kettle bell around at one time and they have even trained ‘The Body’ herself – Elle Macpherson. Eqvvs offers bespoke personal training based in the heart of Knightsbridge. The one on one training allows you to take your session as fast or slow paced as you wish, focusing purely on the areas of your body you feel needs to be trained.  All the personal trainers really care about your progression and want you to see results.  Train with Nic or Claudia and I guarantee you’ll consider one on one training as important as doing a weekly class. Also, if you quote ‘Pig to Rig’ when you ring up they’ll give you 3 sessions for the price of 2! Bingo.

Where: 43 Cheval Place, London SW7 1EW

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2. For Trampolining: Oxygen Freejumping

oxygen free jumping

Why: London’s first ever trampoline park opened back in July and offers hour-long freejumping classes! If that isn’t enough, they also have dodgeball courts, air bags and an obstacle course.  Usually trampolining is filled with aspiring gymnasts flipping and dipping around with abs of steel, but now you and your friends can come down and pretend you’re in your back garden. So 2003. Please note: I don’t recommend drinking before hand or coming down on a hangover if you don’t wish to feel sick.

Where: 15 Vision Industrial Park,, Kendal Ave, London, W3 0AF

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3. For Heights: The Castle Climbing Centre


Why: When you think of bouldering fitness doesn’t spring to mind and to be honest, it doesn’t sound heaps of fun, but rather surprisingly everyone’s at it. It requires minimum equipment, just shoes and a little chalk and you don’t need a climbing mate. Bouldering is rock climbing stripped down to its bare essentials, say goodbye to the hassle of ropes and uncomfortable harnesses.  No experience is necessary with this type of exercise, and the climbs are high enough it’s exciting, but not so high they’re dangerously intimidating. Without the ropes and knowing there’s a safety mat below if you need – it’s just you and the wall. A (possible) match made in heaven.

Where: Green Lanes, London N4 2HA

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4. For Power: Miguel’s Boxing Gym 

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 16.12.06

Why: Exercise should be used as a stress reliever as much as an endorphin booster and punching a boxing bag imagining it’s your ex’s face doesn’t get much better.  Depression or a bad mood is usually triggered by the levels of happy or sad chemicals in your brain being a bit off, perhaps because of a bad sleep or an argument with a friend. Any exercise releases ‘good’ chemicals around your body and boxing focuses on strength, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, endurance, nerves and power.  Miguel’s amateur boxing club in Brixton has numerous ABA champions and national amateur champs, so if you want to learn from the best and are keen to iron out the difference between a jab, cross, uppercut and hook speak to Miguel.

Where: Railway Arches,261-262 Hardess St, London, SE24 0HN

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5. For a Heart Raiser: Heartcore’s Dynamic Pilates


Why: Numerous Instagrammers love to take videos of them doing a yoga/pilates pose whilst sliding along a reformer (a really trendy pilates machine to you and I).  Heartcore’s dynamic pilates class using a range of different exercises to target body fat and provides a comprehensive full body workout in 55 minutes.  This work out will burn calories faster than you can consume a Big Mac and Heartcore offer different levels of classes, so joining the beginners class is advisable.

Where: Locations here 

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