If you’re a nurse looking for a career development, there has never been a better time to branch out into the beauty industry with billions spent globally every year on cosmetics.

What is a cosmetic nurse?

A cosmetic nurse is also called aesthetic nurse and typically works in medical spas or plastic surgery practices. They are laser and dermal fillers beauty specialists that can also assist surgeons during heavier plastic surgery procedures. Laura C. is a cosmetic nurse that has been working as a dermal injection and laser specialist in a successful medical spa in London. Some of her duties include injecting Botox and she deals everyday with patients happy with the results of her procedures. “It’s a very gratifying job – she tells us – and I couldn’t be more glad I made the switch to work in aesthetics.”

Indeed, interpersonal skills are crucial if you ever want to work in a cosmetic surgery business as building a trusting relationship with patients will be key to a successful career.

Cosmetic or aesthetics specialists such as Laura have undertaken an aesthetics training for nurses in order to pursue their dream to work in the beauty business. They are specialised in botox and dermal fillers injections, laser treatments and face chemical peels and more. As the demand for noninvasive surgical interventions is growing, the need for aesthetics nurses is also more important than ever before.

Can a nurse open a medical spa?


Unfortunately, while registered nurses can administer injections, they are not legally allowed to set up their own medical business as they are prohibited from practicing purely medical acts by themselves. Moreover, most products such as Botox cannot legally be obtained or purchased by someone else other than a fully qualified GP.

If adequately trained, nurses are of course allowed to do most cosmetic surgery procedures on their own but legally, a physician still has to be present on the premises during the session.

You can easily find a spot in a physician-owned medical spa though, as there is a growing number of career opportunities out there.

Technological watch

Keeping up to date with the latest technological developments in your industry is a necessary step in order to enjoy a career in aesthetics. It’s also one of the biggest challenges as it can be tough to find a good balance between working and training hours but the rewards are well worth it, financially and in terms of personal development.

It’s important to be confident when advising a patient about a new procedure or treatment as it will reflect positively on the practice or medical spa overall and bring in more business. In the past year alone, the injections market has seen a dozens of new pioneering products being launched: it’s an industry that’s always on the move and that gives exciting career paths to look out for.