Making your home into a boho chic paradise may sound complicated, but with a few touches here and there, you can achieve your desired look and be living the chic dream before you know it. Making your home a paradise is everyones dream but it can be quite difficult to accomplish this, check out Shabby chic furniture they are one of the best on the market and very affordable.

The Colour Scheme

First things first, a predominantly white scheme is the basis for a classic chic look. A white colour scheme along with some soft faded linens and sheer drapes will bring a tranquil air to your home and it looks great against salvaged wooden furniture – the likes of The White Company and Laura Ashley are perfect for this look.

Whilst white is a key element of the chic style, soft pastel colours such as pale pink or sky blue are great to add a subtle splash of colour. 

You can choose to use this as an accent colour on a feature wall, or using something as simple as a rug or candles on your coffee table. The world of colour is where bohos free their mind so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Simple touches and attention to detail as such will enhance the beauty of your home and set it apart from others.

Those blank white or pastel walls happen to be pretty offensive to bohos as they believe that walls are there to display art but don’t limit your best artworks to the rooms of your home that only guests will see, don’t be afraid to run riot with them in your bedroom. This way, you can appreciate them in your personal space – Whether it’s a mural, a canvas, collage, flood your home with colourful artwork.

Though, if you want to really branch out with the wall art boho look, you can display anything from album plates, skateboards, old maps, replica animal heads, you name it.

The Floor and Furniture

Now you have your colour scheme and artwork sorted, it’s time to add some furniture. When creating the chic look, you really want to get back to nature and Wood is the material of choice.

Parquet wooden flooring in particular can help make all the difference to your home and can be the deciding factor in chic.

Wall-to-wall carpeting in a home is warm and welcoming and is often the go-to way to make your property feeling homely, but it does not match the elegance factor of solid hardwood floors.

Hardwood offers a classic and elegant appearance and what’s more, it’s available at an affordable price. Purchasing hardwood will be an investment and a wise one at that.

It lasts a long time, it’s a lot easier to clean and if you ever happen to be selling your newly found boho chic paradise, it will boost the value of your home.

To compliment the flooring, and to add height to your room, consider purchasing feature furniture pieces such as tall standout bookcases and elegant wooden cabinets.

The La Roque narrow alcove bookcase from the Wooden Furniture Store, is the perfect colour and size to fit your living room / home office interior design plan.

To top off the room, bring in a mix of leather and soft fabric chairs that are comforting and inviting. Again, wood is the preferred base here, nothing metal or plastic.

In a short summary

When it comes to decorating your home office interior design plan, and following that boho chic look, it really boils down to what you want. It’s important that your home reflects your personality, so be as adventurous as you like and let your home tell your story.

Display all your favourite things, whether it’s that vase you picked up from the antique fair or a bunch of souvenirs that have no real purpose that you’ve collected from travels.

If you weave them in using the tips we’ve mentioned, your home will best the ‘chic-est’ in the neighbourhood in no time at all.