I time to forget designer bags, charms or whatever caught your eye for a second and draw your attention to the trending must have fashion accessory – the phone case.

It’s been such a whirlwind of advanced technology that has brought us to this point of the mobile revolution which has been so successful that it can be difficult to think what life would be without a smartphone near to us.

In fact, if you were to be asked what is closest to you right now, your wallet or purse, your house or car keys, or your smartphone, the answer will probably be your smartphone. They are the one thing that induce panic if they are removed from our eyeline – so it makes sense that the phone case has topped the fashion accessory list for a few years.

We have become reliant on them for so many things like completing our banking and food shopping, booking tables at our favourite restaurants ordering in takeaways, keeping up with our social media sites and enjoying those exciting online slots games that play perfectly and have in most cases been optimised for our mobile devices – something that was unheard of a few years ago.

If you know your brands then you will know Vetements who have collaborated with CASETiFY producing luxury phone cases stamped with edgy logos.

CASETiFY has also collaborated with the Japanese fashion label Sacai which is a fashion label known for innovative and experimental cuts on clothing producing trendy but wearables items. The phone cases are sporty, glossy and perfect for adding that a touch of Japanese class.

If money is not an issue then there are cases out there that will send you to the panicle of fashion accessorising. Take the Crystal-covered case from Swarovski. It’s not the most expensive case but it sure packs a lot of bling as the whole case is covered by different shapes and sizes of Swarovski crystals. Its unique and classy and sure to catch the eye.

Louis Vuitton has produced the Golden crocodile leather phone case and it’s still one of the classiest cases to own. Initially made for the iPhone 7 this stylish case has a microfiber lining and has a key tag on it too.  Named the Eye-Truck because of its design. This is not a cheap case to own but it sure ticks all the style boxes.

And for those who have money to waste, where money is no object this next phone case is for you. The Dragon and Spider from Anita Mai Tan outstrips all other names when it comes to the cost of the case. At a mere $880,000 this case is made of 18k white gold with a total of 32 diamonds decorating three quarters of its body. The 3D dragon or spider is embedded on the back of the case – and it really is a work of art.