Optimise your gaming returns and gaming time with casino bonuses

Competition in the casino market is fierce, which is again an excellent situation for the player. Casino bonuses are a way for online casinos to attract more players, giving you the chance to find more great casino offers. Casino bonuses are useful for almost every style of play.

Players who play for fun can play longer with the bonus, while the bigger bankroll made possible by bonuses creates many more opportunities for the winning player to create a game strategy.

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What is a casino bonus?

A bonus is a benefit offered by an online casino to its customers, i.e. players, who use its services. Almost all online casinos offer some kind of bonus. 

With casino bonuses, the online casino wants the player to create an account and stay there for a long time after creating the account. The VIP casino bonus is one of the most effective ways to encourage players to become more active in the online casino.

Increased competition in the sector has also left its mark. In general, there are bigger welcome offers, which in turn makes bonus-hunting players happy. The fierce competition makes it easy to compare bonuses and find the one that suits you best.

There are several different types of bonus, and you can read more about them a little later on this page.

Is it worth claiming casino bonuses?

There are many ways to benefit from casino bonuses, whether you’re playing for big wins or just for fun. Casino terms and conditions can sometimes be strict, but fortunately this is not a common practice and you will only encounter it in a few online casinos. 

The purpose of our article is to guide you through the casino bonuses and help you find the best casino bonus.

What are things to check when choosing a casino bonus?

You should be careful when choosing bonuses. We have listed below the most important things you should check before you claim any bonus.

After that, make sure you understand all the details and terms related to bonuses.

  • Always read the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of the bonus should be read carefully so that you understand what they mean. This way you avoid surprises when playing with bonus money and understand what you’re committing to.

In addition to rules and conditions, it is important to remember your own limits. Never overplay, no matter how delicious the bonus. 

  • What is a wagering requirement? 

As a rule, bonus money is always subject to a wagering requirement. The wagering requirement means that the bonus received must be wagered again on the casino games. 

Bonus terms and conditions specify how many times the bonus must be wagered before the funds can be withdrawn in real money.  For example, if we’re talking about a £50 bonus, with a 30x wagering requirement. The player must wager a total of £1,500 before the funds can be withdrawn. 

It is also important to check the bonus terms and conditions to see whether the wagering requirement applies to the deposit made plus the bonus or just the bonus. 

  • What are the gaming restrictions set by the online casino?

The bonus can only be used on a specific game, i.e. you cannot use the bonus on games other than those specified in the terms and conditions. 

This is often the case at least for free spins and spins.

  • What are minimum and maximum bets?

Bonus money quite often has a wagering cap, meaning you can’t wager more than, say, £5 at a time. 

Minimum bets are less common, but may apply to betting, for example.

  • What is the duration of the bonus?

The terms and conditions often also specify how long the player has to complete the wagering requirement or other conditions of the bonus before it is void.

The time limit is often a few days, but you currently have up to a month to meet the condition. 

  • Restrictions related to the deposit method

The way you deposit can affect whether or not you receive a bonus. 

For example, when depositing with e-wallets or cryptocurrencies, it may not be possible to redeem the bonus at all. 

Sometimes online casinos have designed a special bonus for players playing with cryptocurrencies. 

  • How do the recycling requirements work?

For example, if the terms and conditions specify a 35x wagering requirement, the player must wager their deposit and bonus money 35 times on the casino’s games. 

For example, if a player deposits £50 and receives £50 in bonus money (£100 in total), they will have to wager a total of £3,500 (35 x 100) before they have any withdrawable funds. 

What kind of bonuses are available? – Find the one that suits you best

Casino bonuses range from the wide to the narrow, and are designed for a variety of different situations. So find a bonus that suits your playing style, because that’s where you’ll get the most out of it. 

  • Welcome bonus (sign-up bonus)

The Welcome Bonus is a one-off bonus for new players in the online casino, which can be claimed after creating an account. 

Welcome bonuses typically include a deposit bonus, free spins or a combination of both, which are larger than normal and therefore worth cashing out. 

Usually, the welcome bonus can be claimed automatically upon registration or sometimes with a separate code, which we’ll explain a bit more about later.

Welcome bonuses are available on the market from 25% up to 500%. Big casino bonuses are definitely one of the most effective incentives when looking for new players.

  • Free play money, i.e. no deposit bonus

In some cases, online casinos generously offer a no deposit bonus, meaning you can get the bonus by creating an account with the online casino, for example. 

In practice, no deposit bonuses are always either multiplier play money or free spins.

  • Free spins

Free spins are usually free spins awarded for a specific game, with winnings that the player can keep either as bonus money or real money. 

Free spins are played with a pre-determined stake set by the online casino, which is almost always relatively low. 

  • Deposit bonus 

A deposit bonus is bonus money paid on top of a player’s deposit. 

Bonus money is a percentage, determined by the online casino, of the amount deposited by the player.

Generally, the online casino offers a 100% deposit bonus, meaning that a deposit of £100, for example, will earn you another £100 in bonus money. 

  • Non-recycling bonuses

Free spins bonuses are quite rare. In practice, these casino bonuses do not need to be wagered at all, but once you have received them, you can use them as you see fit. 

As a rule, only winnings from free spins and cash back are non-refundable.

  • Cash refunds 

Some online casinos have completely abandoned deposit bonuses, for example, in favour of cash back. 

Cash rebates vary between online casinos, ranging from around 5-25%. 

This model, which is used especially in instant casinos (casinos that do not require registration), returns a percentage of the losses accumulated during the week to the player’s account. 

  • Bonuses for live casino 

Bonuses are also available for live casino games. 

Often, for example, normal deposit bonuses are available on live games. Sometimes online casinos have tailored their own casino bonuses for live casinos.

  • Mobile casino bonuses

Some online casinos want to invest so much in mobile casinos that they have their own benefits. 

These bonuses can only be claimed from the app or from a separate mobile page. 

As a rule, all online casinos also offer mobile versions of their site, and thus the casino bonuses are consistent with their full versions. However, it is not entirely impossible that a mobile player will be rewarded with a separate casino bonus. 

How to activate the bonus offered by the online casino?

Follow these steps to claim your casino bonuses from any online casino.

1. Registration

Once you have found the right online casino and bonus, your next step is to complete the registration process. 

Look for a registration form or deposit button in the casino, which will usually direct you to the registration process. 

When you register, you will be asked to provide some personal information, which the casino is required by law to ask for (KYC, or Know Your Customer).

Please note that instant casinos do not require registration at all. At these casinos, a deposit made using your online banking credentials acts as your registration with the casino. 

2. Make a deposit

Once you have provided the necessary information to register with the casino, the next step is to make a deposit.  It can be requested at the time of registration, but the latest you can make your first deposit to the casino is through your brand new account. 

Usually, casinos offer several different deposit methods, from which you can choose the one that suits you best. 

It is also important to know that often online wallets such as NetEller and Skrill are excluded from the bonus terms. 

It is also worth noting that any bonus must usually be claimed on deposit. This can often mean ticking the checkbox on the registration/deposit form or adding a bonus code. 

Alternatively, some casinos have a separate bonus section in your account, where the bonus must be activated before making a deposit. Please make sure that this is done in the manner required by the casino! 

3. Start playing

Excellent! You’ve registered your account, made your deposit and claimed your first deposit bonus. Now it’s time to move on to the world of casino games.

Many casinos have a selection of up to thousands of games, so you can dive into the depths of the selection and find the one that suits you best.

If live casino games are your thing, you might want to try traditional blackjack or even the number one game on Game Show, Monopoly Live. 

4. It’s time to pay attention to the conditions

Once the bonus has been redeemed, the terms and conditions associated with it also come into force. 

At this stage, it’s a good idea to know the rules of the casino bonus down to the smallest print to avoid any nasty surprises. 

The first factor that has a significant impact on your spin is whether the bonus offered is a sticky bonus or a non-sticky bonus. There is a crucial difference between the two in terms of gameplay. 

We’ll tell you more about sticky and non-sticky bonuses a little later. 

  1. Withdrawal

Did you win and succeed in recycling? Great, at this point it’s time to cash out and enjoy your winnings.

As a rule, you can withdraw money from a casino in the same way you can deposit money. 

As a rule of thumb, a casino will usually require you to withdraw the money to the same account where you deposited it, unless you have a good reason for not doing so. Often no such reason can be found. 

What are different types of casino bonuses? 

As we have stated before, reading and understanding the terms and conditions of bonuses is extremely important. The terms and conditions will also tell you what type of casino bonus is involved. A bonus can be a sticky bonus, a non-sticky bonus or a half-sticky bonus.

  • Sticky bonus

Sticky bonuses are the most restrictive and at the same time the most common of the casino bonuses. 

The sticky bonus is fully linked to the amount deposited. So, when you receive a sticky bonus, you will wager both your real money deposit and bonus money on each game round. The money therefore goes to overlapping casino games.

Usually, the bonus terms and conditions also specify that in order to withdraw money from the casino, all the conditions specified for the bonus winnings must first be met. 

This effectively means that you will not be able to withdraw even the real money you have deposited that is tied to the bonus until the wagering requirements for the bonus money portion have been met.

  • Non-sticky bonus

The non-sticky bonus is a slightly cheaper option for the player. 

The bonus money may still be subject to strict terms and conditions and wagering requirements, but the advantage is that you play the non-sticky bonus by first receiving your real money deposit and only then the bonus money, so your cash is not tied to the bonus money.

The terms and conditions of the bonus money only come into effect when the real money portion of your deposit runs out. 

You can withdraw the cash you have deposited at any time and reject your bonus if you wish. This is also the second name for the non-sticky bonus, forfeitable bonus.

  • Half-sticky bonus

This type of bonus is even more rare, and not offered by many casinos. 

In practice, however, it is a sort of a steady intermediate model between a sticky bonus and a non-sticky bonus, and combines the features of both.

If you have claimed the half-sticky bonus, with each spin, a portion of your deposit is released for withdrawal. 

So you can’t surrender the entire bonus and withdraw at any time, but a portion of the pot is released for withdrawal with each spin.

How to successfully wager a bonus?

Bonus wagering can be a big question mark and perhaps a source of fear, especially for first-time casino players. 

Often, even experienced players don’t always know the wagering requirements, but there are a number of tactics and strategies you can use to increase your odds, which we’ll explain more about below.

  • Please note the game-specific wagering limit in the terms and conditions

In addition to the wagering requirements, the effectiveness of the bonus can vary from game to game. 

For example, some casino bonuses are fully wagered on slots, but in table games the efficiency is only half the bet. 

So if you wager £2 on a slot that spins the casino bonus 100%, the whole £2 will meet the wagering requirement. 

If the recycling efficiency is 50%, only one pound out of a £2 stake will be counted as a contribution to the recycling requirement.

  • Find low volatility and high return games in slots

The nice thing about slots is that they usually wager the casino bonus in full. This can vary from casino to casino and game to game, but as a rule, the wagering happens on slot machines.

Players should first look for low volatility games where the payouts may not be massive, but there are more payout options. The more winning options there are, the more likely it is that the player will succeed in their spin.

It is also worth paying attention to the game’s payback percentage, which reflects how much of the money wagered on the game is returned to the players. The higher the return rate, the more likely it is that recycling will be successful. Of course, it should be noted that casinos quite often lower the spin rates for these games.

  • Choose the most likely betting options in table games and live casino 

Quite often, bonuses do not apply to live casino games at all, but there are exceptions to this rule. Often, live casinos will have their own bonuses that are separate from the other casino games, similar to betting bonuses.

For table games, you should definitely head to roulette, which has some delicious options with almost a 50% chance of happening. 

These options, which occur on average every other time, include red, black, big numbers, small numbers, even and odd numbers. The only time none of these options come true is when the ball drops to green, or zero.

Casino operators have, of course, been alert to this and have almost invariably lowered the efficiency of roulette spinning. Quite often there is no spinning at all, which is rather disappointing.

Solutions to common casino bonus problems

  • Bonus not activated

When you made your first deposit, did the casino not require you to complete a checkbox to claim your casino bonus? 

Did you use the permitted payment method mentioned in the bonus terms and conditions?  

Or does redeeming the bonus require entering a separate code in the required field? 

If you think you handled the process according to all the rules, you should contact the casino’s customer service team, who will be able to resolve the problem.

  • I can’t find the bonus 

Sometimes, especially with exclusive bonuses, you may have to activate the bonus via your own account. 

So you should first check the casino’s own bonuses tab and the messages you receive from the casino carefully. These are the routes you can take to find a solution to your missing bonus. 

  • I can’t find wagering requirements for the bonus

The terms and conditions of the bonus should be somewhere clearly visible in the same place where they are marketed: either immediately upon deposit or separately on the casino offers tab. 

You should also take a look at the casino’s terms and conditions, which may include information on wagering requirements.

  • I want to give up my bonus (because I changed my mind)

Unfortunately, this is not always possible, because if you have already made a deposit and the terms and conditions of the bonus have taken effect, you cannot withdraw it. 

However, if your bonus has been a non-sticky bonus, it can be waived until you switch to playing with bonus money.

  • Can I withdraw my winnings before the bonus conditions are met? 

You can only withdraw your winnings if the bonus you have claimed is a non-sticky bonus and your winnings have been made with your real money deposit. 

If the terms of the bonus are tied to your deposit and bonus money, you will not be able to withdraw any winnings until the terms have been met.

What are tips to make the most of casino bonuses?

Last but not least, we’ve put together the most important points when planning to claim and use your casino bonus.

Gambling is supposed to be fun and these tips will help you get the most out of your time in the casino!

1. Redeem at least the welcome offer

You can only receive the welcome bonus once.  In addition, it is prohibited to try to reclaim the bonus associated with your first deposit by creating another account at the same casino. 

However, you can always create an account at another casino and claim the welcome offer they offer.

2. Find new casinos

Many newer casinos are offering very juicy bonuses, as they need to attract new customers from long-established larger casinos with an already strong brand and product. 

Aggressive bonusing is a good thing for the player, if you only bother to look for good offers from new casinos.The best casino bonuses can only be found with proper research.

3. Free spins are a great way to try new slots without risk

New casinos are appearing on the market at a rapid pace, and so are the games and game developers. The free spins offered by casinos as bonuses are a great way to try out new games without risk. 

If you happen to like the game after the free spins, you can deposit a few pounds and play a few more spins with it.

4. Only spend the amount of money you can afford to lose in casinos

A traditional reminder is worth mentioning every time we talk about gambling. Gambling is at best a very enjoyable pastime, but unfortunately it can also cause problems. 

If you feel that gambling is starting to cause problems with your finances, relationships and everyday life, seek help as soon as possible. 

Remember that casinos also have an obligation to look after their players, and offer various restrictions, for example.

5. Always make sure you understand all the wagering requirements for casino bonuses

This issue simply cannot be overemphasised. 

Casinos are obliged by law to ensure that the terms and conditions are transparent and fair to the player, but if the player has managed to find loopholes in these terms and conditions, so will the casinos. 

So always make sure you fully understand what the casino’s terms and conditions really mean. That’s your security when playing any casino games with bonuses.

Frequently asked questions

In many situations, there are problems with the withdrawal of a casino bonus when wagering requirements have not been met. Most casino bonuses have a wagering requirement that must be met before the winnings can be withdrawn.

Casino bonuses can be used to make a profit. It is possible when a player is lucky enough to play. The wagering requirement of the bonus may sound high, but it is proven to be surmountable.

Each player classifies the term best in a different way. Some classify the best casino bonuses according to their size in pounds, while others appreciate the low wagering requirements.

Please read the terms and conditions of the bonus wagering requirements carefully before claiming the bonus. Also, pay attention to games where the wagering requirement is 100%. Often, some games are restricted in the bonus terms and conditions so that only 50-75% of the wagering requirement is met.

In some cases, the online casino will require players to use a bonus code in order to claim the bonus. Whether you are a new or existing player, you may be required to use a bonus code. Please remember to check that you fill in the space provided for the bonus code, as it is often not possible to add a bonus code at a glance.