Boutique London gym, SIX3NINE, has launched 2 brand-new virtual yoga classes. Good news if you want to practice your downward dog, as they’re offering buy one get one free for the next 2 weeks. The bespoke classes are a welcome addition to the brands already-successful virtual Personal Training and circuit club offering.

Hosted by in-house yoga-expert and personal trainer Zanna Laczo, the classes are ideal both for those wanting to learn new skills and those wishing to wind down after a challenging week. The classes are intimate, with only 6 people in each class – ensuring those taking part will be closely guided and supported throughout.

The Classes

Energising Vinyasa Flow

The Lowdown: The Energising Vinyasa Flow class has been designed to kick start the week, focusing on synchronising breath work with movements. The combination of these practices boasts a transferable skill set of not only fluidity between movements, properly functioning joints and muscles but also into a resistance training programme. This class aims to improve the cardiovascular system, as well as to help build strength – leaving you feeling uplifted and energised. 

Pace: Medium/High

Ability: All levels (total beginners are advised to try the Grounding Hatha Class)

When: Mondays 9-9.45am, Wednesdays 6-6.45pm (slower pace), Fridays 1-1.45pm

Price: £15 per class

Grounding Hatha Yoga

The Lowdown: The Grounding Hatha Yoga class is perfect for unwinding from a long week. The class is designed to help destress and to make those taking part feel grounded. At a slower pace than its sister class, the Hatha class encourages participants to take time out of their day for themselves. This class will focus on holding postures, calming down the nervous system and connecting the mind and body through breathwork and meditation.

Pace: Slow

Ability: All levels

When: Thursdays 6-6.50pm, 55 mins 5pm – 5.50pm

Price: £15 per class

Bookings can be made here.