There is absolutely nothing wrong with the old faithful workout routines – that’s why they are called old faithful. Sometimes nothing can make you feel more accomplished than when you finish a great, sweaty run on your treadmill. However, every once in a while you want to do something different; whether that be watersports with the family, or hopping on the bandwagon of the latest fitness craze. The craze that I got to try out recently – which was probably the most fun that I ever had working out – was leaping into the Jumping Fitness fad.

What is Jumping Fitness?


Jumping Fitness is an intense but fun cardio workout involving a small trampoline, good humour, and a whole lot of energy and willpower. Starting in the Czech Republic, it has since spread to four different continents and 50 different countries. Ultimately, the workout is based on high-energy choreography (including step aerobics moves) put to upbeat, fast-paced music, which incorporates cardio and balance training, as well as fast and slow jumps and sprints. It is meant to be high-intensity and really delivers results.

My Jumping Fitness Experience

I have to admit, when I considered doing a workout routine on a trampoline, I was brought back to my childhood when I had enjoyed many hours of jumping around, feeling incredibly free and burning off some energy. It was something that you did as a kid for fun and that feeling of flying, whereas I suppose adults saw it as a way for the children to get some exercise and tire themselves out.

I don’t believe that this type of fitness regime will be my one and only from now on; I’m still quite obsessed with the cross trainers and exercise bikes at the gym, plus I’m even looking into picking up something for the home using Hammer, as when winter rolls around I’d rather stay indoors than freeze outside! Of course, now as an adult I can see the respiratory and cardiovascular benefits of jumping, along with its many other health benefits, but you know what, it’s still just as fun as jumping on a trampoline when you were a kid.

As I mentioned before, it has been a very long time since I had this much fun doing something that was considered to be exercise. I was tired out at the end, but it felt great – like when you push your body through a workout and feel sweaty and tired, but fit and like you achieved something that day. Perhaps it is the loud, pumped-up music that just makes you want to move, or the incredibly contagious energy of the jumping instructor as to why it’s so enjoying to bounce around for a while. If you are looking for something new that can bring the burn as well as the fun factor, you may want to consider a night of jumping around at a Jumping Fitness centre.