Berlin’s famous and finest fitness export JOHN REED is on a mission to motivate Londoners to be more active in 2022 and beyond. The 2,000 square metre studio features a large functional group training space, a snazzy boxing arena, PT area, free weights and equipment by international and premium brand Gym80, its very own Hot Yoga and Pilates studio (fancy!), sauna and more, JOHN REED represents a tale of two cities, fusing Berlin and London music, fashion, street art and design and fitness to offer an incredible workout experience – with beats to match.

With a new non-stop schedule of group fitness classes – from Box Endurance and Inferno Pilates to Jazz Barre and Rocket Yoga – we’ve picked our favourite JOHN REED workouts to get your sweat on.

1. For Raising Your Heartbeat: Power Zones

The Lowdown: From HIIT to Boxing to Hot Yoga, Pilates and more, the latest class launch is Power Zones which focuses on explosive movements and intensive cardio in Tabata HIIT style. Promising to increase the heart rate to up to 180bpm, prepare to sweat – Power Zones is not for the faint-hearted.

2. For Strength and Conditioning: Shape

The Lowdown: Get lean with JOHN REED‘S Shape workout. Shape is a strength workout which consists of weights, bands and bodyweight training. With high repetition and tempo-controlled reps, this class is designed to build endurance and help achieve a lean and defined body.

3. For Perfecting Your Punch: Box Power

The Lowdown: With many ways to throw a punch, JOHN REED’s Box Power focuses on how to generate power for big heavy-hitting and clean shots. The class demonstrates how to load punches with power, requiring mental focus and using the whole body, especially the lower body and core.

With expert JOHN REED trainers leading the workout, Box Power coaches members on how to work power into combinations alongside speed and endurance. Promising to sharpen technique, footwork and movement, and provide members with a conditioning workout all in one.

Where: JOHN REED, 90 Liverpool Street, EC2M 2AT

For further information, visit the website here.