The London EDITION will host a day (8th January) of mindful and wellness activities curated by Lily Silverton, founder of MindFULL, focusing on restorative and inspirational practices.

MindFULL Day Retreat: The Lowdown

With over 25 years of meditation and yoga experience, coach and MindFULL founder, Lily Silverton has created a bespoke day of practices for The London EDITION, designed to empower guests to create an inspirational blueprint for the year ahead.

MindFULL Day Retreat: What to Expect

Taking place in BASEMENT at The London EDITION, Lily will begin the day with tea and a meditation breathwork session, followed by yoga suitable for all abilities and levels. Brunch will take place in the Punch Room with a delicious spread to set the tone for the day ahead, followed by a goal setting and empowerment workshop. The final sound healing session of the day will be accompanied by tea and cake while guests can reflect on the day’s activities.

Motivation, inspiration, goal setting, confidence building and communication, are only a few of the key topics that are set to be explored in these fantastic sessions. These topics are centred around MindFULL’s mission to help people connect with themselves and others, and to help shift the way we think, feel and behave.

MindFULL Day Retreat: The Details

The class will be held from 9:30am – 4pm on the 8th January which you can book here. The sessions are priced at £150 and 5% of the profit will be donated to three food poverty charities: Magic Breakfast, Felix Project and Trussell Trust. Brunch in the Punch Room is included with water, food and snacks supplied on-site but please bring a blanket and a yoga mat.