It’s not uncommon to feel jittery when you’re about to go on a date. Whether it’s with somebody you’ve known for a long time or someone you just met online the week before, there’s always that fluttery and panicky feeling in your stomach and chest—and for a good reason. You’re interested in this person, and like any other meeting, you want to make sure that you leave a good impression on the other party.

In such cases, you inevitably feel the urge to dress to impress. You want to bring your A-game by dressing up in your best clothes and putting on your best makeup. You might even go online and start searching “date outfits” to find the one you feel would make your date say “Wow.” In the flurry of preparations, however, you might end up overlooking one important thing: your own comfort.

There’s a saying that goes, “Pain is beauty and beauty is pain”. There’s a lot of truth in that, but it doesn’t have to apply in all cases. Many clothes are both stylish and pleasant to wear, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look and feel attractive. If you’ve ever wondered, “Why wear jean leggings?” trying on a pair will likely convert you to this practical yet chic fashion choice over your regular jeans.

You don’t need to wear clothes that make you feel awkward. If you’re still unconvinced, here are a couple of excellent reasons why comfort should be a priority when dressing up for your dates.

It Affects Your Mental State

As mentioned earlier, people tend to become a bundle of nerves when preparing for a date, especially when it’s a first. Excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and a hint of fear are only some of the emotions that comprise the mental makeup of a person about to go out. The last thing you want to add to this emotional fray is discomfort.

The way you dress can have an effect on the way you feel. When people like their outfits and the way they look, they feel happier and more confident as they go about their day. The opposite applies as well. When you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, it affects your emotional condition in an unhelpful manner and influences the way you feel about yourself. Then it begins to affect your words and actions as well.

It’s difficult to have a good time when your emotional state is low. Thus, opt for a more comfortable ensemble. By doing this, you can feel more at ease and be better able to focus on and engage with the other person.

You Might Overthink Instead of Focusing on the Date

One of the biggest downsides of wearing clothes you’re not used to is that they can make you feel very self-conscious. For example, you decide to wear a short, sexy dress for your date, even when you normally don’t wear them at all. Sure, it’s beautiful to wear and look at, but little concerns are bound to rise soon. You start worrying about the straps untying, the skirt hem sliding up, and your midsection showing when you sit down. You might also distract your date with excessive movements if you are constantly adjusting your clothes.

Worrying about these little things dampens the experience of a romantic night out. Instead of focusing on learning more about the other person and appreciating your time together, the nagging worry of a fashion faux pas plagues your mind instead. As a result, you don’t get to enjoy the date as much as you could have had you worn more comfortable clothes.

Discomfort is Obvious… and Infectious

When you’re uneasy about something, it tends to show, even when you’re trying to hide it. It could be the way you keep fidgeting during the date. It could be when you keep adjusting your clothes or excusing yourself to go to the bathroom to fix your outfit. It is clear when you’re not following the conversation because you’re worrying about something else.

Discomfort is obvious, and this feeling is not limited to you. When you keep acting uneasily, your date begins to feel uncomfortable as well. They might start thinking that you’re not as interested as they are or that you might be wishing you were doing something else—which is discouraging and a bit rude. Remember, both parties are probably a little bit nervous about being on a date. Showing discomfort can then be interpreted as a sign that the date is not going well.

You Avoid Calling an Early Night

You don’t want to be placed in a position wherein you’re forced to choose between your apparel comfort and extending your date. Imagine a first date where you end up liking the other person. You enjoy their company, and you wish to spend more time with them. However, the dress-to-impress outfit that you put on is just too uncomfortable for you to continue wearing. You end up with a dilemma: should you end the date early, or do you put up with the discomfort of your clothes?

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when choosing clothes. On the first date, stick to outfits that you’ve already worn before so you can be confident about their fit and feel. If you manage to score more dates with the person, that’s when you should experiment and upgrade your looks a bit (without sacrificing too much comfort). Making these changes can also show your date that you’re putting in more effort and make them feel more excited to see you.

You Can Be More Spontaneous

You never know what can happen when two people on a date hit it off. Perhaps you’ve only set up an after-hours coffee date, but the both of you end up wanting to spend more time together. You could take a walk around the park or visit an arcade to play some games. You could catch a late movie or go window-shopping around the streets.

However, your attire can limit the kinds of activities you can do. For example, if you decide to wear a pair of stilettos you don’t usually use, a romantic stroll might be out of the question for you. As such, you need to wear clothes that allow you to engage in different kinds of activities. By doing so, you can extend the date as much as you wish.

It Makes You Look Sexier

When you’re not worried about how your clothes look, you can put all of your efforts into charming and wooing your date. You’ll look more relaxed, self-assured, and at ease with yourself, which is a very attractive quality in any person. Remember, confidence is sexy. When you’re confident and comfortable with what you’re wearing, it shows, and it also puts the other person at ease.

Enjoy Your Date with Comfy Clothes

It’s incredibly easy to get carried away by the anticipation of going on a date with someone, especially if it’s the first time. However, remember that your outfit is only one facet of you. Sure, your date will be happy to see you dolled up, but if they like you, they’ll be more interested in ensuring that the both of you have a good time. If you think about it, that’s just what dates are: an opportunity to learn more about each other and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t let your clothes get in the way of it.