In the past years, the jewelry industry has been rethinking the way it does business, switching to a more ethical way of creating and packaging jewelry pieces. But what exactly does sustainable jewelry entail?  Sustainable jewelry means responsible sourcing practices and the use of environmentally friendly materials. From your daily go-to pieces to your favorite pair of diamond studs and your statement pearl ring, every choice you make matters.  Here is why you should consider switching to sustainable jewelry.

You Can Support Smaller Brands

Siren Muse Earrings by Monica Vinader

Large companies that mass produce jewelry often use materials that contain harsh chemicals, as well as engage in production practices that are harmful to the environment. Thankfully, the slow fashion movement has prompted brands to change the way they do business. These days, there are many innovative, ethical designers out there that create conscious pieces with exceptional quality of craftsmanship. Artists like Monica Vinader, ARTICLE 22, Chic Made Consciously and many others are using only ethically sourced materials in their jewels and packaging. Moreover, they offer full transparency about their production process, so environmentally conscious consumers can support their favorite brands guilt-free.

They Use Responsibly Sourced Materials

Sustainable jewelry brands create their products using ethically sourced materials like upcycled tires, reclaimed war remnants, vintage textiles, recycled gold vermeil and recycled sterling silver. An edgy choker necklace made from plane parts and military hardware could be your next statement piece. Besides being one-of-a-kind, these pieces are sustainable and don’t negatively impact the environment. Artists like 4kinship produce artisanal products made from fallen berries, heishi beads or turquoise nuggets, while other brands prefer using unexploded landmines in their products.

It Helps Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As the environmental impact of the fashion industry becomes more and more clear every day, designers and consumers alike have taken an interest in improving the impact they have on the planet. While real solutions might require global actions, there are choices you can make in your life to reduce your personal impact on the environment, and switching to sustainable jewelry is one of them. When you buy locally, you help reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down the distance the jewelry piece has to travel to reach you.

Generates Less Waste

The global jewelry industry generates millions of tons of waste each year and uses chemicals that pollute the air, water and soils. By choosing to purchase your accessories from sustainable brands you can personally help generate less waste that ends up in the environment. Many echo-friendly designers utilize materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. Moreover, by investing in quality sustainable pieces you will feel more responsible about your purchases and lessen the number of products you purchase therefore reducing the amount of waste you generate.

You Can Get Unique, Personalized Jewelry

Paper Necklace by 4kinship

Big brands mass produce huge amounts of the same product over and over again, which makes these pieces lack authenticity. Besides being a sensible choice, mindful consumerism is a great way of owning beautiful and original pieces that can be customized to your liking. The materials used in sustainable jewelry come from upcycled waste and recyclables, which means that your piece will most probably be one-of-a-kind – or close to it.

From protecting the world we live in to supporting small, ethical businesses and promoting authenticity, there are many benefits to choosing sustainable jewelry in favor or mass-produced pieces. Shop smart and guilt-free and look chic in the process!