Getting into the right frame of mind is so important if you want to be full of ideas and lead a life bursting with positivity. Achieving that is not always easy, but living in a space which allows your creativity to flow can definitely help.

Anyone seeking inspiration needs to have comfort and access to an environment that gives them a chance to be themselves. But how do you go about creating that? Here we take a look at just a few factors you could consider when developing the ultimate inspirational home.

Find the right mood

One of the most fundamental ways that you can turn your home into an inspirational place to live is by simply tidying up. We all lead very busy lives these days, but the simple step of tidying is thought to have a bigger impact on our mental health than many may realise. In fact, some experts have found that too much clutter can prove distracting, while it can even make it harder to fall asleep and may even leave people reaching for junk food more often. Put simply, clearing the clutter could be a huge boost to your health and wellbeing.

Another issue which could have a major bearing on your mood in the home is the colour of the walls. As explains, different colours can elicit a range of emotional responses in people, with yellow for instance highlighting both positive and negative connotations and blue being seen as a shade of trust and serenity. With that in mind, think about the shades on your walls and how you want certain rooms to feel.

Furthermore, if you’re creative, do you have areas or spaces where you can note your ideas down? This could be as simple as putting a few chalkboards up or notice boards where you can create collages of moods and themes.

Light and air

Having access to large windows might also be beneficial if you want to feel inspired. Research has shown how natural light can be so important, with one study finding that many workers feel tired and gloomy if they do not get enough of it. Furthermore, being able actually to open windows up and get some fresh air can also be a huge help.

Such issues could be why properties with big windows which are close to beaches are so popular. For instance, those looking for apartment rentals in Sharjah from will find a lot of options along those lines to choose from, with some flats maximising the light with floor-to-ceiling windows.

On a similar note, a good view from a property can also make a huge difference. Again there is research which talks about how the outside world and even a good view of greenery can make a difference to mental health. With that in mind, consider the vistas you have on offer.

Create a better living space

Having the right kind of environment to live in can have a major impact on our mental wellbeing, and we hope the information above has given you some ideas as you look to create your perfect property.

Some little changes could certainly make a major difference as you aim to improve your life and get inspired.