Traditional sash windows have a long and rich history in the UK and are ideal for both period and modern properties. Property owners choose to install them into their buildings for a wide variety of reasons, adding value and style to the architecture.

We’ve put together a list of 5 advantages of traditional new sash windows so you can see how they can help transform your property too.

Save money by saving energy

Installing traditional new sash windows with double glazing on your property will ultimately mean you also save money in the long run.

Single pane windows may not provide the high level of energy efficiency your property requires. In turn, this will mean you will have to use more heating to keep the property warm, which results in higher and more expensive energy bills.

Installing traditional new sash windows with double glazing means you can keep out cold draughts during autumn and winter, reducing your energy bills in the process. And in the long run, the money you spend on new windows will be gained back over time thanks to the lower heating bills you will have to pay.

If you own a property that is used for rental purposes – be it for domestic or commercial tenants – new laws have also been introduced that all landlords must adhere to.

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) came into effect in England and Wales in 2018. The aim was to encourage landlords to improve the energy rating of their properties. This now means that all rented properties must now have an Energy Efficiency Standard Rating of E or above.

Traditional new sash windows installed with double glazing will ensure you can achieve this energy rating while also adding a touch of class to the architecture.

Traditional Charm of Sash Windows

One of the best reasons to install new sash windows is the traditional style and charm they add to any property.

For budgetary reasons, property developers tend to use cost effective windows when building new properties. This often means that windows on new buildings do not have much individual charm or style and can look quite dull.

The history of sash windows goes all the way back to the 17th century and they look just as fantastic on modern buildings today as they did when they became popular after the Great Fire of London in 1666.

The technology used to make traditional new sash windows continues to improve with every year, improving noise reduction, making them more secure and cost effective. Their timeless appeal means the fit seamlessly into almost any type of property and suit the architectural style of the UK better than any other type of window.

Longevity of your new sash windows

Traditional new sash windows made from timber do not have to be high maintenance. When given the right weatherproof protection (microporous paint) they will remain in great condition for years to come. This kind of coating allows the wood to breathe and reduces the need to repaint the windows.

The alternative window material often used is uPVC, however, this is too porous and will absorb pollution that often means they will start to discolour within 10-20 years. Constant exposure to sunshine can also turn them yellow and brittle.

Timber sash windows can be repaired and repainted, which is much cheaper than having to replace the entire unit as you would with uPVC. Woods such as Accoya won’t warp, twist or sell even when they are damp, so you get maximum value from your investment.

Better functionality

As we mentioned above, sash windows have been around since the 17th century and continue to be used in both domestic and commercial properties.

Traditional new sash windows rely on a basic sliding functionality that makes them incredibly easy to operate. Each window features two window frames (known as sashes) that are suspended by a cord. Thanks to the counterweight inside, each frame can be opened and closed independently if required.

They are one of the easiest styles of window to use, with no complicated systems or mechanisms required to learn. Just as importantly, they provide high levels of security as they can be completely locked on the inside to prevent any potential intruders.

Another important feature included is the traditional sill that sits at the base of each window. This is designed to ensure rainwater drains away from the window and doesn’t remain in place to damage the integrity of the timber.

Wooden sash windows come in a variety of finishes

Installing wooden sash windows into a property gives it a traditional look that other materials are unable to match. They have a tactile appeal that perfectly suits classic UK architecture to bring out the full design potential of the property – say Borislav owner od Repair a Sash services in London.

The timber can also be finished in a variety of ways, whether you want a particular colour or stain to complement the building’s exterior.

Using only the highest quality timber our choice of woods include Accoya, Sapele, Oak and Engineered Redwood and many more. Whether it’s a period or modern property, each one can be crafted to suit the needs of the building to provide an unbeatable look.